“Unveiling Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Handbag Campaign: The Hollywood Star Spills the Beans on Her Noisy Keys and Gum Wrapper Obsession”

Jennifer Lawrence, the Dior ambassador, has a vast collection of expensive purses, courtesy of the brand. However, the actress recently revealed that these bags are not as glamorous on the inside as they are on the outside. In her latest campaign photos for Dior’s Be Dior and Diorissimo bags, Jennifer can be seen showcasing the Fall/Winter 2015 collections. In a behind-the-scenes video, she shares what she typically keeps in her designer bags – phone, house keys, car keys, and a lot of keys. Her purses are reportedly very noisy due to the airport bags filled with gum wrappers and old tickets. Jennifer prefers to use smaller bags for dressing up and bigger ones for travel purposes.

Bag queen: Jennifer Lawrence stars in a new ad campaign for Dior's handbags

Jennifer Lawrence is the newest face of Dior’s handbags, as seen in their latest advertisement campaign. As a self-proclaimed “bag queen,” Lawrence effortlessly showcases the elegance and beauty of these luxurious accessories.

Face of fashion: The 25-year-old star has been working with the designer since 2012

Fashion icon: The young celebrity has been collaborating with the fashion designer for almost a decade, starting in 2012.

Just like us: She has plenty of Dior bags of her own, but says the big ones - which she often takes to the airport - are usually filled with gum wrappers and old tickets

Similar to us: Despite owning many Dior bags herself, she admits that the larger ones, which she typically brings to the airport, are often filled with old tickets and gum wrappers. Jennifer has been featured in various campaigns for the designer, including a recent commercial for Dior Addict lipstick. She became a brand ambassador in 2012 and frequently sports dresses created by Creative Director Raf Simons at events. Speaking about her love for Simons’ designs and admiration for the brand, she expressed how honored she feels to be a part of it all.

A photographer's dream: The new campaign was shot by photographer David Sims, who Jen says she loves shooting with

The latest photoshoot for the campaign has been a realization of a photographer’s fantasy. David Sims, the photographer behind the camera lens, has been favored by Jen for his exceptional skills and technique.

Showing 'em off: The campaign features two Dior handbag lines, Be Dior and Diorissimo

Flaunting Them: The promotional strategy showcases a pair of Dior purse collections, named Be Dior and Diorissimo.

What a talent: Jennifer says she is a big fan of the brand's Creative Director, Raf Simons

Jennifer is showing off her admiration for the Creative Director of a popular brand. She recently participated in their latest campaign, where she displayed six unique bags. These bags included a preppy tweed design with patches, a blue python flap bag, and a hand-painted orange and brown snakeskin piece. According to the brand, the newest collection features animal-inspired motifs and bold colors, which are perfectly complemented by Jennifer’s monochrome coats and neutral colorblock dresses. The fashion photographer David Sims was responsible for capturing these stunning images, having previously worked on campaigns for Oscar de la Renta and Alexander McQueen.

Pucker up: She also recently appeared in a new ad for Dior's lipstick, Dior Addict

Get ready to pout: She has made a fresh appearance in the latest advertisement for Dior’s lipstick range, Dior Addict.

Glam moment: Besides appearing in commercials and print campaigns, she also often wears the designer's dresses on the red carpet

Chic moment: In addition to her appearances in advertisements and photo shoots, she frequently dons the designer’s stunning gowns when attending high-profile events.

Such an honor: Jennifer is 'blown away' that she gets to be a part of the iconic fashion house

What a privilege! Jennifer is completely amazed that she has been given the opportunity to join the legendary fashion brand.

Jennifer expressed her excitement about working with David again, stating how much she loves his energetic, enthusiastic, and creative approach. She also notes that the experience is made even better by the incredible clothes she gets to wear during the shoot. Jennifer has been a fan of Dior clothes for as long as she can remember, admiring their glamour from a young age. She feels honored to be wearing them now as a famous actress.

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