“Unleashing Your Inner Selena: Rocking a Chic Flared Jeans and Grey Tank Top Combo Amidst Social Media Drama”

Recently, there has been talk about Selena Gomez’s body shape. In fact, one Instagram user even advised her to avoid consuming unhealthy food. Despite this, the singer and actress remained unfazed and confidently donned a fashionable yet cozy ensemble during her stroll in New York last Saturday. The 22-year-old celebrated the sunny weather by wearing a form-fitting grey vest paired with flared jeans that highlighted her toned physique. Check out the video below for additional information.

Casual chic: Selena Gomez stepped out in New York on Saturday in flared jeans and a tight grey vest top

Over the weekend, Selena Gomez was spotted in New York City wearing a stylish yet comfortable ensemble. The singer opted for a pair of trendy flared jeans and paired it with a form-fitting grey vest top that accentuated her curves. She added a touch of retro flair to her outfit by donning some mirrored sunglasses and styling her long, dark hair into a loose updo. Unfortunately, Selena received some negative remarks about her appearance on Instagram. However, she responded with confidence, stating that she “could care less” about what others thought, and even took the user responsible for the hurtful comments to task for body shaming.

Curves in all the right places: The 22-year-old singer looked stunning in her casual look as she made the most of the city sunshine

The young vocalist, aged 22, looked stunning in her relaxed attire while enjoying the sunny weather of the city. Despite being a part of the entertainment industry, she doesn’t worry about others’ opinions of her appearance. She stated that all she needs is self-love, concentration on her work, and taking care of her fans, family, and friends. She further stressed that it’s not anyone’s place to impose limitations on others. While there’s no official confirmation from Selena’s representatives regarding her interaction with an Instagram troll, she spent time with her close friend Vanessa Hudgens in New York’s East Village after Vanessa’s Broadway show performance in Gigi on Saturday evening.

Best friends forever: Selena Gomez, left, turned up to see her pal Vanessa Hudgens in Gigi at the Neil Simon Theatre on Broadway on Saturday evening 

Selena showed her unwavering friendship by attending Vanessa Hudgens’ Broadway performance of Gigi at the Neil Simon Theatre on a Saturday evening. The two have an unbreakable bond as best friends forever. Selena arrived early to support her friend’s portrayal of a French courtesan in the Neil Simon Theatre. After the show, the pair and their security guard left discreetly. Vanessa wore the same biker-inspired outfit she had on when she arrived – a leather jacket over a denim one, a striped t-shirt, fitted black pants, and black shoes. Meanwhile, Selena opted for a black mini-dress with suede boots that extended above the knee and added a grey shawl-style cardigan for extra warmth.

They've got the munchies: After the performance, the friends slipped out for a late-night dinner together

The gang was famished: After their performance, they agreed to grab some grub as a team in the wee hours of the night.

Well looked after: Vanessa, 26, lead the way as Selena, 22, followed behind chaperoned by a bodyguard

As they took a leisurely walk, Vanessa and Selena, two actresses in their twenties, were accompanied by a bodyguard. Both had their sleek black hair styled in buns and wore full make-up during their outing. Vanessa went for a bold look with her choice of a bright red lip color, while Selena opted for a more subtle pink shade. The duo’s friendship dates back to their co-starring roles in the movie Spring Breakers in 2013. Interestingly, Selena’s presence in New York debunked rumors that she would be accompanying her on-and-off boyfriend, Justin Bieber, to witness the highly awaited Floyd Mayweather Jr V Manny Pacquiao Fight Of The Century in Las Vegas.

In demand: The raven-haired beauty has recently wrapped two high-profile movies: In Dubious Battle with James Franco and The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving with Paul Rudd

Vanessa, the gorgeous actress with luscious dark hair, has been receiving a lot of attention lately. She just wrapped up filming two major motion pictures alongside Hollywood heavyweights James Franco and Paul Rudd. Currently, she’s gearing up for her latest gig in the musical production of Gigi. Previews are set to begin on March 19th, with opening night slated for April 8th. Although the show is slated to run through October 4th, it remains unclear if Vanessa will stick around for the entirety of the production. Similarly, Selena has also recently wrapped up roles in the same two major films.

Stage star: Vanessa, who was due back to work for a Sunday afternoon matinee, started previews for Gigi on March 19, with opening night on April 8

Vanessa, a well-known stage actor, was set to make a comeback for the Sunday matinee performance following previews of Gigi that began on March 19. The official opening of the show was planned for April 8th.

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