The Beauty of Selena Gomez Shines in a Stunning Little Black Dress at the Variety Hitmakers Event

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varietys 2022 hitmakers brunch

At the Variety’s 2022 Hitmakers Brunch held at City Market Social House, Selena Gomez looked stunning in a sleek and understated black dress from Totême. The famous singer-actress was awarded Film Song of the Year for her latest documentary, My Mind Me, during the event. Her sleeveless gown, crafted from luxurious velvet, perfectly highlighted her figure, while its hemline ended just above the ankles, showing off the chic black vinyl slides she wore on her feet.

varietys 2022 hitmakers brunch

Emma McIntyre took a snapshot of Gomez donning a lively rainbow nail art and complementing it with gold and black wristbands for an added burst of shade. Her make-up showcased a smoky eye and delicate pink lips, which perfectly rounded up her appearance.

variety 2022 hitmakers brunch

During a podcast hosted by Jay Shetty, Mandy Teefy, the mother of famous singer Selena Gomez, opened up about how she feels about the documentary about her daughter that tackles her struggles with lupus and bipolar disorder. She admitted that watching it would be emotionally taxing and painful for her, as it would make her relive the challenging times her daughter went through. As a mother, she wants to protect her children from pain, but also acknowledges that experiencing hardships is necessary for growth and self-discovery. Although she has reservations, she shared that she may watch the documentary when she feels ready, even if it means spending a day crying in bed.

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