“Step Up Your Shoe Game: Selena Gomez Nails the Modern Dorothy Look in the Big Apple”

Selena Gomez steps out in plunging blouse and denim jeansSelena Gomez Just Wore a Lace Slip as a Dress in Paris | Selena gomez  outfits, Fashion, Selena gomez street styleSelena Gomez's Sexy Shoes and Heels | POPSUGAR Fashion

As editors at POPSUGAR, we choose and write about things we love and think you’ll enjoy too. If you purchase a product we have recommended, we may receive an affiliate commission that supports our work. Selena Gomez’s New York City style is a mix of casual-cool, sporty vibes, and chic simplicity. We’ll call it her modern-day Dorothy outfit, reminiscent of the iconic character from The Wizard of Oz. Selena donned a blue and white printed blouse, rolled denim, round mirrored sunglasses, and her Selena Grace Coach bag. However, the unexpected twist was a pair of cherry-red Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals. While the whole color scheme evokes images of Dorothy’s ensemble, this statement was clearly all about the shoes. It’s probably one of the last times Selena—or anyone, really—will slip into open-toed footwear before the weather turns, so it’s the most appropriate time to highlight a great pair of heels. We don’t need to tell you that every girl should take a tip from Selena and keep scarlet stilettos in her wardrobe. Read on to get inspired, then shop for a similar pair that will turn heads.

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“Selena Gomez’s Shoe Collection: 7 Must-Haves for Your Own Closet” Discover the seven types of shoes that Selena Gomez owns and why they should be a part of your own shoe collection. From classic pumps to trendy sneakers, Selena’s shoe choices cater to every occasion and personal style. Don’t miss out on these essential footwear options that can elevate any outfit.

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