“Selena Gomez Unleashes an F-Bomb and Abruptly Leaves the Stage During Jingle Ball Performance Due to Technical Issues”

Performance interrupted: Selena cut her show short after technical difficulties at the Jingle Ball in Los Angeles on Friday

Selena’s concert was not as expected: Technical difficulties forced her to end her performance early at the Jingle Ball event in Los Angeles last Friday.

Not happy: The pop star is said to have been upset over issues with the sound system

According to sources, the pop star was reportedly displeased due to technical difficulties with the audio equipment.

R rated: The former Disney actress apparently exited the stage with some colourful language

It seems that the ex-Disney star made her exit from the stage using some explicit language.

I rule: The Spring Breakers star was energetic during her LA performance

The lead in Spring Breakers showed off her lively side during her recent show in Los Angeles.

Not thrilled: The Come And Get It singer voiced her distress over the technical difficulties

Feeling dissatisfied: The songstress of Come And Get It expressed her disappointment regarding the glitches in the system.

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