“Selena Gomez Stuns in a Sophisticated Black Dress at The Dead Don’t Die Movie Premiere”

Selena Gomez, who hasn’t made an appearance in a live-action movie since 2016, has returned to the big screen with her latest zombie horror/comedy film, The Dead Don’t Die. She attended the premiere of the movie in New York City on Monday, looking absolutely gorgeous in a black dress. The 26-year-old actress arrived at the Museum of Modern Art for the event and was the center of attention for many fans and paparazzi alike.

She's back! Selena Gomez showed off her incredible assets in a busty black dress as she led the stars at premiere of zombie film The Dead Don't Die held at the Museum of Modern Art

Can you believe it? Selena Gomez has made a grand comeback by flaunting her gorgeous features in an elegant black dress. She stole the limelight at the premiere of the horror-comedy film, The Dead Don’t Die, at the Museum of Modern Art.

Plumes: Selena looked incredible in her stunning dress which had an ostrich feather neckline

In her stunning dress, Selena looked absolutely magnificent with an extraordinary neckline made of ostrich feathers. The off-shoulder gown was revealing, emphasizing her cleavage, while the short hemline drew attention to her well-toned legs decorated with dark frills. The upper arms were adorned with lustrous black feather pom-poms, contributing to the overall fashion statement. Her hair was styled in a messy high bun that held most of her dark tresses, and a few strands were left to frame her beautiful face. Selena accessorized her look with dangling diamond earrings, multiple rings, and shiny black open-toe heels that added some height to her 5ft5in body.

Brunette beauty: The Spring Breakers star had her dark tresses held back in a stylishly messy high bun, though she left a few strands down to frame her face

Putting her best foot forward: Selena completed her look with a pair of fashion forward mules

Selena’s fashion game was on point as she rocked a pair of chic mules that perfectly complemented her outfit. Her sense of style definitely shone through as she confidently put her best foot forward.


Selena made a bold fashion statement by choosing a daring off-the-shoulder dress that showed off her curves, particularly her ample cleavage. Her outfit definitely caught people’s attention and turned heads.

Leggy look: The 5ft5in beauty also showed off her toned legs thanks to the short dress, which was covered in dark frills

Hair today: She wore her brunette locks in an elegant chignon

The gorgeous woman, who has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches, showed off her well-defined legs in a charming short frock embellished with black ruffles.

Unmissable: The outfit came with some added flair thanks to pom-poms of lustrous black feathers over her upper arms

Selena’s appearance was made even more memorable with the inclusion of eye-catching black feather pom-poms on her upper arms. Her colleague from Spring Breakers, Vanessa Hudgens, provided assistance to Selena and wore a stunning black pantsuit with a sheer skirt. The top portion of Vanessa’s outfit featured braided fabric crafted into circular and abstract designs.

Walking tall: She elevated her height with a pair of shining black open-toe heels

Walking with self-assurance, she boosted her height by wearing shiny black shoes with open toes.

The sparkle of precious stones enhanced her attire as she flaunted diamond earrings that swayed elegantly and a variety of rings that graced her fingers.

All change: Later on the evening, she put on a leggy display in a velvet short and shirt PJs to an afterparty

Toned: She wore a sky high pair of shiny court shoes

As the night became later, the Bad Boys For Life actress showed off her elegant legs by wearing a velvet shorts and shirt PJs outfit during an afterparty. Her dark hair was parted down the middle and styled straight, and she stood at a height of 5ft1in. Her partner, Austin Butler, dressed in a fashionable double-breasted black suit without a tie, accompanied her. This couple is certainly skilled at making a statement in fashion!

Co-stars: Helping to support Selena was her Spring Breakers co-star Vanessa Hudgens, 30

Vanessa Hudgens, who starred alongside Selena Gomez in the movie Spring Breakers, helped her out during a difficult time. Vanessa is 30 years old.

Back in black: She also favored black, wearing an intriguing pantsuit covered with a sheer skirt

She had a penchant for the darker shade: Black always seemed to be her color of choice as she confidently walked in a mesmerizing pantsuit that boasted a transparent skirt.

Intriguing designs: The top of her outfit was covered in braids of fabric styled in circles and abstract shapes

Interesting designs: The upper part of her clothing was adorned with a distinctive element consisting of interwoven strands of fabric creating circular and unconventional patterns.

Cute couple: She was accompanied by her boyfriend Austin Butler, who wore a snazzy double-breasted black suit

Chloë Sevigny and her partner, Austin Butler, were a picture-perfect couple at the premiere of their latest film, The Dead Don’t Die. Austin was looking smart in his black double-breasted suit, while Chloë, who plays a police officer in the movie, impressed everyone with her chic fashion sense. She was wearing a beautiful white and black mini dress featuring puffy sleeves and a floor-length train adorned with black leaf and branch designs. Her chest was embellished with glossy black feathers and a black bow, adding a touch of sophistication to her look. Her golden blonde waves and black heels complemented her outfit perfectly. Adam Driver, who had previously worked with director Jim Jarmusch on Paterson, also attended the premiere wearing a classic navy blue suit.

Style icon: Chloë Sevigny, who stars in The Dead Don't Die as one of the small town police officers responding to a wave of undead residents, showed off her impeccable style with a white and black mini dress

Chloë Sevigny, who played a police officer in the movie The Dead Don’t Die, is not only an actress but also a fashion icon. In her latest appearance, she impressed us yet again with her impeccable taste in clothes, wearing an eye-catching black and white mini dress.

Blow-up: Her dress featured poofy sleeves

Black and white: The white outfit featured black designs of leaves and branches, and her chest was covered with an array of lustrous black feathers and a black bow

The outfit was monochromatic, featuring a pristine white background that was intricately adorned with black leaf and branch motifs. Adding to the ornate design were glossy black feathers that covered her chest, finished off with a stylish black bow.

Blonde goddess: Her golden blonde hair was styled into waves

The stunning starlet showed off her voluminous locks of shimmering blonde hair.

Hidden: Chloë's long train obscured her simple black heels

Chloë’s black heels were hidden by the flowy hem of her gown.

Suits him! Adam Driver, who previously appeared in director Jim Jarmusch's Paterson, arrived in a classic navy blue suit

Actor Adam Driver looked very stylish in his navy blue suit as he attended an event, where he collaborated with director Jim Jarmusch for the second time. They previously worked together on the film Paterson. Also present at the event was Rosie Perez, who elegantly dressed herself in a silky black blouse and black slacks. Her husband, Eric Haze, wore a matching black suit. Bill Murray, one of the main actors in the movie and a frequent colleague of Jarmusch, stood out with his fashion choice at the premiere by wearing a gray pinstripe blazer and two different shirts, which was both unusual and attention-grabbing.

Dark colors: Rosie Perez, who plays a news anchor with the meta name 'Posie Juarez,' was sleek in a silky black blouse and black slacks

Rosie Perez effortlessly exuded elegance in her matching black silk blouse and trousers, portraying the role of “Posie Juarez,” a news anchor with a witty name. The color of her attire added to the overall sophistication of her look.

Matching: Her husband, artist Eric Haze, matched her with a black suit

Eric Haze, a talented artist who also happens to be married to the female subject, added to her stylish appearance by donning a sleek black suit.

Comedy icon: One of the film's leads, Jarmusch regular Bill Murray, arrived in a gray pinstripe blazer, which he wore over an unusual set of two different shirts, plus a Cubs hat

Bill Murray, a renowned comedian and one of the lead actors in the movie, was seen wearing a gray pinstripe blazer with two different shirts and a Cubs hat. Steve Buscemi, known for his role in Fargo, dressed in a black suit with a midnight blue shirt, while Gina Gershon covered her black blouse and slacks with a long black overcoat. Luka Sabbat, a famous fashion influencer, opted for a tie-less black tuxedo, which was also the choice of radio personality Ira Glass. To add a festive touch to her ensemble, singer/songwriter Justine Skye wore a white mini dress decorated with white feathers, covering her cleavage and showcasing her toned legs.

SImple look: Fargo star Steve Buscemi, who's also featured in the ensemble film, was attired in a black suit with a midnight blue shirt

Steve Buscemi, famous for his portrayal in Fargo, was casually observed wearing a stylish black suit complemented with a midnight blue shirt during his appearance in the group film.

Bundled up: Gina Gershon covered up her black blouse and slacks with a lang black overcoat

Gina Gershon looked stylish in a full-length black coat, which covered her black top and pants.

Classic style: Fashion fixture Luka Sabbat went tie-less in a black tuxedo

Suited up: Also eschewing a tie was radio icon and This American Life host Ira Glass

Luka Sabbat, known for his impeccable sense of fashion, decided to forego the traditional tie and instead opted for a sleek black tuxedo. In a similar fashion, Ira Glass, the renowned host behind the popular radio show “This American Life,” also chose to skip the tie and embrace a more relaxed look.

Legs for days: Singer/songwriter Justine Skye highlighted her toned legs in a festive white mini dress with feathers covering her cleavage

During a premiere event, Justine Skye showed off her stunning legs in a beautiful white mini dress with feather adornments that covered her cleavage. Movie veteran Danny Glover paired his jeans with a stylish plaid blazer and blue paisley shirt for a casual yet sophisticated look. Wyatt Cenac, a former correspondent for The Daily Show, kept it relaxed in a grey unbuttoned shirt with jeans and beige boots, while The Hangover actor Justin Bartha opted for a blue patterned shirt with jeans and yellow sneakers. The Dead Don’t Die’s director, Jim Jarmusch, wore his signature black suit and shock of white hair.

Blue mood: Screen legend Danny Glover arrived in a casual pair of jeans, which he classed up with a plaid blazer and a blue paisley shirt

Danny Glover, the famous actor, appeared in a casual outfit consisting of denim trousers, but he elevated his appearance by incorporating a fashionable plaid blazer and a blue paisley shirt. He seemed to be feeling a little down or sad with his blue outfit, but nonetheless looked stylish and confident.

No fuss: Wyatt Cenac had on a gray unbuttoned shirt with jeans and beige boots, whereas Justin opted for a blue patterned shirt with jeans and yellow sneakers

Casual: Justin Bartha opted for a blue patterned shirt with jeans and yellow sneakers

Wyatt Cenac and Justin Bartha chose to keep it simple and comfortable at the premiere, with no need for elaborate outfits. Cenac, who used to be a correspondent on The Daily Show, and Bartha, popularly known for his role in The Hangover, sported casual attire for the event.

Legend: The director of The Dead Don't Die, Jim Jarmusch, showed off his standard black suit and shock of white hair

The fashion choices of some notable figures at an event were notable. The director of The Dead Don’t Die, Jim Jarmusch, wore his typical black suit and striking white hair. Alex Ross Perry, who directed the acclaimed film Her Smell and contributed to Disney’s Christopher Robin, wore a fashionable beige overcoat with black jeans. Ben Sinclair, creator and lead actor of HBO’s High Maintenance, opted for a sleek military-style gray jacket, paired with beige trousers. Lastly, the lovely artist Chloe Wise was seen wearing a beautiful shirt with black, red, and gray squares, along with a stunning black ruched skirt.


Alex Ross Perry, who is renowned for directing the critically acclaimed movie Her Smell and writing Disney’s popular production Christopher Robbin, was spotted sporting an elegant, short beige coat paired with fashionable black denim pants.

Funny man: Ben Sinclair, creator and star of HBO's High Maintenance, had on a slate gray military-cut jacket with beige trousers

Ben Sinclair, the talented creator and main star of HBO’s popular show High Maintenance, caught the attention of onlookers with his stylish outfit. He was seen donning a chic slate gray jacket paired with beige trousers that had a military-inspired design, adding an interesting touch to his overall look.

Retro: Artist Chloe Wise showed off a lovely shirt with black, red and gray squares, plus a black ruched skirt

Canadian artist Chloe Wise presented an attractive ensemble that comprised a shirt with checkered patterns in black, red and grey shades, teamed with a fashionable black skirt featuring ruching. Later at the after-party, popular singer Selena Gomez also appeared in a stylish black outfit that was slightly more casual. Despite wearing a short-cut suede pajama set in black, which looked like sleepwear, she paired it with six-inch black stilettos that gave her a party-ready look. As she walked towards the event venue from the party bus, her admirers eagerly sought her autograph, being fans of the talented Bad Liar performer.

Party time: Gomez later showed up to the after party for the premiere in a slightly more casual but just as stylish black ensemble

Gomez showed up at the post-premiere celebration in an alluring black outfit that was a bit more laid-back than the one she wore on the red carpet. Despite this, she still appeared to be breathtaking and managed to maintain her sense of style. The gathering was already lively when she arrived.

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