“Selena Gomez Shines in a Ravishing Backless Dress for Latest Music Video, Shares Candid Thoughts on Ex Justin Bieber’s “Emotional Abuse””

Selena Gomez has left behind her emotionally abusive relationship with Justin Bieber and is now busy shooting a music video for her latest album Rare. The singer exuded elegance in a striking metallic gold halter dress that accentuated her curves and featured a backless design during the filming in Los Angeles.

Look at her now! Selena Gomez was nothing but smiles on set of her new music video on Tuesday

Witness the dazzling grin of Selena Gomez as she shot her most recent music video on Tuesday. The striking vocalist sported an enchanting mini dress, matched with black suede boots that reached up to her knees, and exquisitely curled hair with a soft ombre gradient. Her locks extended up to the middle of her back, contributing to her alluring appearance.

Gorgeous: Selena flaunted her toned physique in a glittery gold mini dress with a drop neckline

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Chic: The frock was held up with spaghetti straps

Selena looked absolutely breathtaking, just like she always does. She flaunted her well-sculpted figure in a mesmerizing gold mini dress that boasted a striking deep neckline. The shimmering material emphasized her curves and imparted a hint of sophistication to her ensemble. Head over to the image gallery above to admire Selena’s stunning appearance in more detail.

Self-love! Selena's dress was backless and drew attention to her back tattoo written in Arabic - meaning, 'Love Yourself First

Selena Gomez embraced her self-love philosophy by showing off her Arabic back tattoo that reads “Love Yourself First” in a stunning backless dress. The talented singer is relishing her solo state as she debuts new tracks. During filming, Selena seemed happy and friendly with the production team, flashing her signature smile.

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The latest news in the relationship world comes from Paul DelVecchio as he shares an update on his status with Nikki Hall. Selena Gomez, on the other hand, has been receiving numerous compliments for her recently launched album “Rare” which was released on January 10. According to Pitchfork, a music website, the album is a polished and self-assured pop record. Selena has already unveiled three music videos for the album’s songs, namely “Rare”, “Look At Her Now”, and “Lose You To Love Me”, which was the first single released last autumn.

New look! Selena's brunette tresses and fringe were styled into tight curls that framed her face

Check out Selena’s newest look! She’s switched up her hairstyle and gone for a new vibe. Her trademark brunette hair and blunt bangs have been transformed into luscious curls that frame her face flawlessly.

Legs eleven: The former Disney star teamed the look with a pair of black suede knee-high boots that had a block heel

Take a peek at these snapshots! The former Disney celebrity appeared absolutely gorgeous in her attire, complementing it with knee-high, chunky-heeled black suede boots.

Protection: Selena was spotted escorted around the shoot in Los Angeles with a male during off-time

During her break time, Selena Gomez was observed being accompanied by a male companion for her safety around the set of her upcoming music video in Los Angeles. Her on-and-off relationship with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber was tumultuous and she recently shared about experiencing emotional abuse during the same. In an NPR interview, Selena expressed feeling victimized to some form of abuse during the relationship and sought help with her album. The presence of Selena on the set indicates that she is determined to continue working on her musical career despite facing personal challenges.

Golden gal: Selena Gomez wowed in a backless, curve-hugging metallic gold halter dress for the shoot

Selena Gomez looked absolutely stunning in a gold-colored halter dress that beautifully highlighted her curves. The dress had an elegant and sophisticated backless design that added a touch of charm to her overall appearance during the photo session. Don’t miss out on the breathtaking photos, check them out now in the gallery above.

Love to watch her walk away: Selena's frock showed off not only her back but her legs as well, thanks to the short hem

Watching Selena walk away is always a delight for me. The way she confidently struts her stuff is a sight to behold. Her dress adds to her charm, as it is not only designed to show off her beautiful back, but also to flaunt her gorgeous legs with its short hemline.

Sultry Selena: Her hair was beautifully curled, featuring a subtle ombre effect toward the bottom as it brushed her back and shoulders

In a recent photo gallery, Selena Gomez looked absolutely stunning with her hair beautifully curled and flowing over her back and shoulders. The subtle ombre effect towards the bottom added to her overall amazing look. The pop star celebrated the release of her album ‘Rare’ with a gorgeous cake and spoke candidly to reporters about her experience with emotional abuse. Selena confirmed that she had gone through it and had to learn how to understand it as an adult. Although she doesn’t want to spend her life dwelling on it, she is proud to say that she feels the strongest she ever has and has found a way to walk through it with grace.

Hands on deck: Selena was surrounded by many producers and photographers for the day

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Hands on deck: Selena was surrounded by many producers and photographers for the day

Several filmmakers and photographers had assembled around Selena, all set to collaborate for the day. With a surplus of helping hands, Selena was in good company.

Diva: Thus far, the songbird has released three music videos for the album, for the titular track Rare (pictured), the poppy Look At Her Now, and Lose You To Love Me

The gifted vocalist has released three music videos to accompany her most recent album. These comprise the titular song Rare, the lively Look At Her Now, and the touching Lose You To Love Me. Take a look at our collection of images to get a preview of these amazing visual treats.

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