“Selena Gomez Shines Bright in Amsterdam Concert Despite Box Office Setback for Getaway”

Come and get it: Selena Gomez sang her heart out to a packed house in Amsterdam, on Tuesday

Selena Gomez wowed the audience with her mesmerizing vocals as she performed to a fully packed crowd in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

All grown up: The 21-year-old star took to the stage like a pro

Fully matured: The 21-year-old sensation dazzled the audience with her professional stage presence.

Dream girl: The Stars Dance singer looked picture perfect during her choreographed performance

The singer of “Stars Dance” was an absolute dream girl during her stunning choreographed performance. Her appearance was flawless and captivating.

Bringing the house down: Selena ran through some of her dance routines with practised ease

Selena effortlessly breezed through her dance routines, bringing the house down with her impeccable performance.

Belting it out: Gomez exerted her vocal chords to their maximum potential during the set

Singing with all her might: Gomez gave it her all and pushed her voice to the limit during her performance.

Good show: The actress smiled through her performance as her new film Getaway bombed at the box office

Well done: Despite the poor performance of her latest release, Getaway, the actress maintained a smile throughout her performance.

Letting her hair blow back: The former Disney princess pulled off some nifty moves

As her hair was blowing back, the ex-Disney princess executed some impressive maneuvers.

No need to swallow her pride: While her new movie did poorly over the Labor Day weekend in the US, her concert sold out at the Heineken Music Hall

It’s not necessary for her to feel like she failed: Despite the disappointing performance of her latest film during the Labor Day break in America, she can take comfort in knowing that her concert at the Heineken Music Hall was a complete success, with all tickets being sold out.

Letting her freak flag fly: Selena showed off her impressively thick curls

Selena flaunted her unique style by embracing her voluminous and curly locks.

The Rumba: The Spring Breakers star seemed confident as she pranced through her routines

With a confident stride, the star of Spring Breakers demonstrated her mastery of the Rumba dance form during her performances.

The Rumba: The Spring Breakers star seemed confident as she pranced through her routines

Feeling it: The star appeared to be singing with real emotion

Sensing the emotions: The celebrity seemed to be belting out the lyrics with genuine sentiment.

Taking one for the team: Selena posed with some handsome men as she called herself a 'nerd'

Selena showed off her fun side by taking a group photo with some attractive gentlemen. She playfully referred to herself as a “nerd.”

Her adoring public: Selena posed for snaps with her fans

Selena was all smiles as she took pictures with her adoring fans.

Where in the world: Everywhere Selena went she was greeted by her followers

Selena’s fans welcomed her with open arms no matter where she traveled in the world.

Getting down: The pop princess wrote, 'Oslo, I love you', on her Instagram

Getting excited: The famous pop icon expressed her affection for Oslo by posting on Instagram, “Oslo, I love you.”

Shy showing: Selena seemed a bit more weary of the camera than her fans

Selena appeared to be slightly hesitant in front of the camera compared to her enthusiastic supporters.

Hugs all around: The super star received a few warm embraces for a photo op

Everyone got a chance to give the famous celebrity some loving squeezes during a photo opportunity.

Co-stars: Selena stars as a character named The Kid, opposite Ethan Hawke who plays washed up race car driver Brent Magna

Selena is cast as a fascinating character called The Kid, alongside Ethan Hawke who portrays the role of a retired race car driver named Brent Magna.

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