“Selena Gomez Rocks a Chic Black Suit While Hailey Bieber Clarifies ‘I’ll Kill You’ Song is Not a Reply to a Justin-Inspired Track”

Hailey, Justin Bieber’s wife, was spotted listening to a song titled “I’ll Kill You” soon after the release of a new track assumed to be about him. However, Selena Gomez appeared unfazed by the situation as she confidently headed to a meeting in Burbank wearing a black suit with strappy heels. Despite the coincidences, the singer did not let it bother her.

She means business! Selena Gomez was shrugging off the cryptic coincidences while heading to a meeting in Burbank on Wednesday

Selena Gomez was spotted heading to a meeting in Burbank on Wednesday with a determined aura. She carried a stylish white handbag and accentuated her look with a pearl choker necklace. Her hair was styled in loose, romantic waves that cascaded down her chest. Selena’s makeup was on point with a rosy blush and smoky eye shadow that matched her outfit. It was evident that the actress was confident in herself, and for good reason. After taking a four-year break from the limelight to prioritize her health, she has just released new music. Selena is definitely back in business!

Maker and shaker: The actress definitely looked as though she was feeling herself, and for good reason - she had just released some new music following a four year break to focus on her health

The celebrity was radiating confidence and self-assurance, and it’s no surprise given that she recently launched fresh tunes after taking a four-year hiatus to prioritize her well-being.

Coincidence? Fans started speculating Hailey was directly responding to Selena when she revealed she was listening to the song, I'll Kill You

Is it just a coincidence? Fans are buzzing with speculation that Hailey may have been throwing shade at Selena when she shared on social media that she was listening to the song, “I’ll Kill You.” The timing is particularly interesting since Selena’s new track, “Lose You To Love Me,” was released just a few hours before. The lyrics of Selena’s song seem to be alluding to her past relationship with Justin, hinting at how quickly he moved on to Hailey after their split. Could Hailey’s choice of song be a subtle nod to the ongoing drama between the two pop stars? Only time will tell.

Man and wife: Bieber rekindled his relationship with his now-wife Hailey shortly after the end of his relationship with Gomez

Justin Bieber got back together with his now-spouse Hailey, after breaking up with Selena Gomez. Hailey recently shared a screenshot of her listening to a song by Summer Walker called I’ll Kill You, soon after its release. Fans immediately started speculating that it was a response to Selena’s latest track. One Twitter user wrote, “Selena Gomez released a song (stream for clear skin) about her life experiences w an ex and leaving him behind (Justin Bieber now married to Hailey Baldwin) and like 5 minutes later Hailey Baldwin posted this. It’s not the first time she’s shaded her and probably not the last.”

Hmm...: Twitter users began speculating if Hailey was directly responding to Gomez's new song

Social media was abuzz with rumors that Hailey Baldwin responded to Selena Gomez’s new song, as Twitter users speculated on the matter. A user even claimed that they had never believed the negative things said about Hailey until now. However, Hailey took to Instagram and put an end to the speculation by stating that the song was not a response to Selena. She requested everyone to stop spreading such rumors and called it complete BS in a since-deleted comment on a post regarding the drama.

Denial: Bieber insisted the track was not a response to Lose You To Love Me

Bieber denied that his song was a reaction to Lose You To Love Me.

Reaction: Fans reacted to Hailey's denial on Instagram

Response: The denial made by Hailey on Instagram triggered a response from her fans.

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