“Selena Gomez Hangs Out with Pals in LA Following Heartfelt Tribute to Taylor Swift as a Genius ‘Big Sister'”

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have been close friends for more than a decade. They became friends when Selena was dating Nick Jonas and Taylor was dating his older brother Joe. During an Instagram Live chat with her 143 million fans, Selena spoke highly of their friendship, calling Taylor her “big sister”. Earlier in the day, she had a conversation with Taylor, whom she remains close to after all these years.

On cloud nine! Selena Gomez looked happier than ever when she stepped out for a coffee with friends at Alfred's in Studio City on Saturday

Selena Gomez was beaming with joy as she enjoyed a cup of coffee with her friends at Alfred’s in Studio City last Saturday. She seemed to be on top of the world!

Close-knit: Gomez referred to her best friend Taylor Swift as her 'big sister' on Friday during an Instagram Live chat with fans

During a recent Instagram Live chat with fans, Selena Gomez expressed how close she is to her best friend Taylor Swift, referring to her as her ‘big sister’. Gomez couldn’t help but gush about Swift, calling her amazing and smart. The two celebrities share a close bond and Gomez revealed that she tells Swift everything. In the past, Gomez has also opened up about their relationships from a decade ago, describing it as ‘hysterical’.

Found light in the situation! The duo became friends ten years ago when Selena was dating Nick Jonas and Taylor was in a relationship with his older brother Joe

Looking back: Opening up about their respective relationships ten years ago, the Back To You singer revealed last year that the whole thing was 'hysterical'

Discovered a silver lining in the scenario! Selena and Taylor first became acquainted a decade ago, during the time when Selena was romantically involved with Nick Jonas, and Taylor was dating Nick’s elder sibling, Joe. The two hit it off and developed a friendship that has lasted ever since.

Selena humorously referred to her friendship with Taylor as the highlight of their past relationship. She mentioned that they are good friends now and added that they were young during those times. Fortunately, time has allowed them to reconcile their differences. Selena appeared joyful when she was spotted with her companions at Alfred’s in Studio City, enjoying a cup of coffee together.

Stunner: The beauty stunned in a casual white sweater and loose fitting black trousers

Bombshell: The gorgeous lady looked absolutely stunning in a comfortable white sweater and relaxed black trousers.

Keeping it casual: She completed the look with monochrome slides that read: 'thriving'  and tinted yellow toned shades

In a laid-back fashion, she rocked a white sweater and black pants that were comfortable and loose-fitting. Her outfit was complemented by monochrome slides that had the word “thriving” printed on them, as well as yellow-tinted shades. Selena also used her social media account to discuss her previous publicized difficulties with anxiety and depression while wearing the same attire.

So much love to give: Selena spent the outing with her friends, seen hugging them as they left the cafe 

Selena enjoyed spending time with her friends during their outing at the cafe. As they bid their goodbyes, she was seen giving them warm embraces, showing just how much she cared for them.

Dark: Days earlier she opened up to fans in an hour-long Instagram Live session, in which she revealed 'depression was my life 'for five years straight.' 

Selena took to her social media account recently, dressed in the same outfit as earlier, to talk openly about her past struggles with anxiety and depression. She had received numerous questions about how she copes with her mental illness after her Instagram Live on Friday. In response, she stated that she found it very helpful to express her feelings through the song ‘This Girl’ by Christian artist Lauren Daigle. The song makes her feel like she is talking about her emotions, and while she may not be making progress, she is still showing up. Selena added that even though she tries to be nice and do everything right, sometimes she still feels bad, which can be frustrating.

Music speaks to her: Following her conversation from Friday's Instagram Live, she said that after getting many questions about how she copes with the mental illness, she said she found it very helpful to communicate her feelings through the song This Girl by Christian artist Lauren Daigle (pictured) 

She has a strong connection with music: During her Instagram Live on Friday, she revealed that she received several inquiries regarding how she deals with her mental health issues. She expressed that communicating her emotions through the song “This Girl” by the Christian singer Lauren Daigle has been quite effective in helping her cope.

Disappointed: During her Instagram Live, Selena also revealed that she didn't want to be on a magazine cover 'ever again' after she was left 'bummed' with the way her Elle October 2018 article panned out 

Selena expressed disappointment during her Instagram Live session, sharing that she has no desire to grace magazine covers again. This decision was influenced by her dissatisfaction with her Elle October 2018 article, which failed to shed light on her charitable work with A21 and even shared some of her unpublished lyrics. Selena mentioned that her purpose for the Live chat was simply to engage with her followers.

Speaking the truth: The Bad Liar singer continued: 'Like, I try to say things in an interview, for an hour I'm talking to someone and they're just, you know, talking to me, and I'm thinking it's really good,' she continued, adding, that everything she wants to say can be said directly to her fans 

The singer of Bad Liar expressed her opinion about the importance of being truthful. She shared that during interviews, she tries to convey her thoughts authentically. She enjoys conversing with the interviewer, and believes that everything she wants to say can be easily communicated directly to her fans.

Her words: The beauty took to social media earlier in the month to reveal she was 'a bit bummed but rarely surprised' with the way her Elle October issue turned out

The stunning celebrity shared her disappointment about the outcome of her Elle October issue on social media earlier this month. Despite feeling let down, she admitted that it wasn’t surprising. She opened up to her followers, expressing that she didn’t want to be featured on another magazine cover in the future. Instead, she preferred to connect with her fans directly through social media, where she could be real and say whatever was on her mind. The Bad Liar singer explained that during interviews, she often spent an hour speaking to someone only to find that what she wanted to say was not fully captured.

Misrepresented: Taking to social media, Selena penned that while it was click bait, it neglected the 'three-fold' purpose of the interview - her charity work, Coach collaboration and new music

Paraphrased: Recently, Selena Gomez expressed her disappointment with the way her Elle October issue was presented on social media. She felt that the publication neglected to focus on the main purpose of the interview, which was to highlight her charity work, Coach collaboration, and new music. Selena also acknowledged that this was a common practice in media, where click bait is used to grab attention. However, she urged people to consider the three-fold message of her interview instead of getting caught up in sensationalized headlines. In her post, she also shared her feelings of being “a bit bummed but rarely surprised” with the outcome of the article. The Elle issue touched on various aspects of Selena’s life, including her unpublished lyrics, her friendship with Demi Lovato after her overdose, and Justin Bieber’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin. Despite this, Selena hoped that her fans would look beyond these stories and focus on what truly mattered to her.

Not what she wanted: The publication detailed some of her unpublished lyrics and honed in on her relationship with friend Demi Lovato following her overdose and wrote about Justin Bieber and his new fiance Hailey Baldwin

It wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. The article delved into her unreleased song lyrics and focused on her bond with pal Demi Lovato after the latter’s near-fatal overdose. Additionally, it touched upon Justin Bieber and his recent engagement to Hailey Baldwin.

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