“Passionate Pucker Up: Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne Lock Lips in Season 2 of Only Murders In The Building!”

The hit show on Hulu, Only Murders in the Building, features an exciting moment between Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne. In episode two of season two, the two actresses share an intimate kiss that leaves fans wanting more. The scene takes place as Mabel Mora, played by Gomez, and Alice Banks, played by Delevingne, discuss art in a steamy conversation. The tension becomes palpable when Mabel returns to the art studio where Alice suggests she break a piece of artwork to release her emotions. What starts as an emotional release for Mabel quickly leads to a passionate encounter between the two characters. This moment has become one of the most talked-about scenes of the season, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating what’s to come next.

Only Kissing in the Building! Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne lock lips for VERY passionate love scene in season two of murder mystery OMITB

As the second season of “Only Murders in the Building” approaches, fans are buzzing about a steamy kiss shared between Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne. The scene depicts Mabel damaging some artwork before sharing a passionate eight-second smooch with Alice, leaving them both feeling elated. Cara, who identifies as pansexual and is rumored to be dating singer Minke, expressed her excitement at representing the queer community on the show. She also praised Selena’s professionalism and ease to work with while on set.

Pulses racing: In the second episode of season two, Selena's character Mabel Mora gets passionate with her new love interest Alice Banks, played by supermodel Cara

The atmosphere is electric as Mabel Mora, played by Selena Gomez, and the stunning Cara Delevingne’s character Alice Banks engage in a heated encounter during the second episode of the show’s latest season.

Get a room... in the building! It starts to get racy between the pair after Mabel goes back to the art studio where Alice encourages her to smash a piece of art to release her emotions

Discover an area on the property! Tensions rise as Mabel comes back to the art studio and Alice proposes smashing a piece of artwork for emotional release.

Really going for it: The actors kiss for a total of eight seconds in the scene

As the camera rolled, the actors locked lips in a fiery embrace that lasted for eight seconds. One of the actresses shared her excitement about being a part of the project and representing the LGBTQ+ community. She felt at ease working alongside Selena and reveled in the experience. Her co-star echoed her sentiments and expressed her wish for the set to be perpetual. What’s noteworthy is that Cara was already a fan of the show’s writing before landing her role.

Let it all out: Selena demolishes a piece of art in order to release her emotions

Selena expresses her feelings by demolishing a piece of artwork.

Proud: Cara has spoken about how she loves being able to 'represent

Cara joyfully shared her delight in playing a role that represents the LGBTQ+ community on the hit series, ‘Only Murders in the Building.’

Getting started: Alice jokes to Mabel that she only meant for her to smash up the piece of art 'metaphorically'

Alice jokingly taunted Mabel, implying that her motive was to have her symbolically ruin the artwork, rather than physically breaking it.

Love scenes: 'I feel better,' Mabel declares after destroying the artwork, as she walks over to Alice to kiss her

Upon destroying the artwork, Mabel approaches Alice and plants a smooch on her, exclaiming that she feels relieved. Sharing their thoughts on the show’s unexpected plot twists, Mabel confesses her love for the story’s unpredictability, never being able to guess the next turn of events. Selena, who portrays Mabel, also enjoyed working with Cara, a longtime friend, who plays Alice, a sophisticated insider in New York City’s art scene, caught up in the building’s ongoing murder mysteries alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short. The latest season of the comedic mystery series is set to debut on Hulu this week.

Coy: The pair are playing lovers on Only Murders in the Building

Coy: On the TV series “Only Murders in the Building”, two actors have been cast to play a romantic couple.

Chemistry: The two actors put on a passionate display

There was a clear chemistry between the two performers as they ignited the stage with their passion and intensity. The mesmerizing performance left the audience captivated and spellbound.

Sizzling: The pair showed off their natural chemistry in the scene

The pair showcased their natural bond while performing the routine, creating a strong and intense atmosphere.

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