“Passionate Jennifer Lawrence Dazzles in Bra-less Look while Promoting ‘Passengers’ at CinemaCon: A New Unconventional Approach to Movie Promotion”

It’s undeniable that Jennifer Lawrence looked absolutely stunning while promoting her soon-to-be-released movie, Passengers, last Tuesday. However, the actress unintentionally exposed a little more skin than she had intended to while posing for photos at the Sony presentation during CinemaCon 2016 in Las Vegas.
Donning a dress made of delicate black material at the top, the Joy star probably wished she had worn a bra as the bright lighting made the garment appear semi-transparent. Keep up with Jennifer Lawrence’s latest updates as she confidently goes without a bra under her black tank top at CinemaCon.

We see through you! Jennifer Lawrence sported a slightly sheer top as she attended a CinemaCon event for her movie Passengers on Tuesday

Jennifer Lawrence made a stunning appearance at the CinemaCon event for her upcoming movie, Passengers. She wore a slightly see-through top that showed off her confidence as she posed for pictures backstage. Her look was completed with an embellished paneled skirt and beaded strappy heels, giving it a boho touch. Jennifer had her lightened locks pinned back from her face. During the night, she was joined by her co-star Chris Pratt, and together they talked excitedly about their upcoming sci-fi adventure movie, which is scheduled to be released in December.

In the spotlight: Jennifer's dress featured a flimsy tank top with embellished boho style skirt which she teamed with beaded strappy heels

In the spotlight: Jennifer's dress featured a flimsy tank top with embellished boho style skirt which she teamed with beaded strappy heels

Jennifer made a fashion statement with her outfit, sporting a delicate tank top paired with a flowy skirt adorned in bohemian style. She matched the look with strappy heels adorned with beads for a chic touch.

Sci-fi stars: The blonde beauty posed alongside her Passengers co-star Chris Pratt, 36

In a recent sci-fi flick, the stunning blonde actress was seen posing with her co-star, Chris Pratt, who was dressed in dark jeans, a check shirt, and layered with a tan suede waistcoat and blazer. According to Variety, the audience was treated to a sneak peek of the space travel movie, which left them dazzled. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt play the roles of two volunteers sent into space, with their bodies suspended in hibernation pods, as they embark on a 120-year journey to the Homestead Colony.

They got chemistry! Pratt opted for dark jeans and a checked shirt with tan blazer

Pratt and his companion have amazing chemistry together. Pratt decided to wear a combination of dark jeans, a checkered shirt, and a tan blazer.

Whale of a time: Jennifer bent over with laughter as she shared a joke with Chris during the photo call

Jennifer and Chris had a great time at the photo call, with Jennifer doubling over in laughter as they shared a joke. They were clearly having a whale of a time!

Messing around: The two Hollywood heavyweights put on a show for the cameras

Playing around: The pair of big-name Hollywood stars entertained the audience with their antics in front of the camera.

Promo: The duo discussed the upcoming space adventure flick with the crowd at the Sony presentation 

Advertisement: The pair had a chat about the upcoming sci-fi adventure movie with the audience during the Sony event.

Bonding experience: The actors play space travelers who become unlikely lovers in the upcoming sci-fi movie

In the new sci-fi flick, Passengers, the actors portray space travelers who develop an unexpected romantic bond. However, things take a turn for the worse when their pod opens prematurely and leaves them stranded on the Avalon spaceship, far from their intended destination, for 90 years. The film is directed by Morten Tyldum, who was previously nominated for an Academy Award for his work on The Imitation Game. Sony Pictures is banking on the success of Passengers and hopes it will be a box office hit. During the movie’s presentation, Sony Pictures CEO Tom Rothman assured viewers that it’s a must-see film for anyone who loves watching movies in theaters.

Getting to know you: Lawrence and Pratt play two volunteers sent into space with their bodies suspended in hibernation pods as they embark on a 120-year journey to the Homestead Colony

In the movie, two characters named Lawrence and Pratt are chosen to travel through space in a unique way. They’ll be put into hibernation pods so their bodies can rest while they embark on a 120-year journey to the Homestead Colony. It’s going to be quite the adventure!

Fun and games: Jennifer had her new co-star laughing loudly with her on stage antics

Jennifer was successful in making her new co-star burst into laughter with her lively and entertaining performance on stage. The fun and games they shared together left a lasting impression on everyone who witnessed it.

Hysterics: The Jurassic World leading man couldn't stop giggling as he spent the day with JLaw

Amused: The star of Jurassic World couldn’t control his laughter while enjoying his day with Jennifer Lawrence.

What a line up: Passengers is a hugely anticipated project thanks to its two lead stars 

The excitement is palpable with the announcement of the cast for Passengers, which boasts of two lead stars that have fans eagerly anticipating the project.

Talented pair: Jennifer and Chris talked animatedly about their movie 

Jennifer and Chris, who have remarkable skills, conversed with great enthusiasm about their film.

Laugh a minute: Fun-loving Jen made sure Chris had fun during their long day or promo

Jen, who is known for her love of laughter and fun, ensured that Chris had a good time throughout their lengthy promotional day.

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