Our Trio’s Chill Session: Selena Gomez Hangs Out with Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz after Fallout with Kidney Donor BFF and Family Drama.

Selena Gomez posted a picture of her cozying up with Brooklyn Beckham and his wife Nicola Peltz during their New Year’s vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. The songstress playfully referred to the three of them as a “throuple”. This comes after Selena’s public dispute with her ex-friend and kidney donor, Francia Raisa, in November 2020. On Friday, Selena was spotted arriving in Mexico with Brooklyn and Nicola to celebrate the new year. Interestingly, Brooklyn chose to spend Christmas with his wife’s family instead of his own.

Celebration: Selena Gomez, 30, Selena Gomez, 30, uploaded various Instagram photo series as she celebrated New Year's with her new BFF, Nicola Peltz, 27, her husband Brooklyn Beckham

Selena Gomez, a renowned 30-year-old star, kicked off her 2022 New Year’s celebration in style with her new pal Nicola Peltz and her husband Brooklyn Beckham. Selena took to Instagram to share their Los Cabos trip, captioning the photos as ‘New Years dump part 1.’ In one of the pictures, Selena is seen climbing out of the greenish-colored water onto the luxurious boat, sporting a white, strapless Myra Swim bikini top with black bottoms, making the most of the warm weather. Her damp, brunette hair was slicked back, showing off her stunning, flashy, silver-hooped earrings after taking a quick dip in the ocean. In another photo, Selena can be seen lounging on a bed attached to the boat, snuggled up with Nicola and Brooklyn, humorously referring to themselves as a “throuple #foreverplusone.”

Cute moment: Selena insisted that she, Brooklyn and Nicola be called 'a throuple' as she shared a snap of the threesome snuggling

Cute Moment: The artist shared a snapshot of her cuddling with Nicola and Brooklyn as they lounged on a bed connected to their boat.

Selfie time:

It was time for a selfie! Selena, the former Disney star, and Nicola, a member of the Transformers cast, took a quick snapshot of themselves basking in the sun during their boat day vacation. Nicola pouted her lips towards the camera while Selena leaned in with her eyes closed. They both had a great time on the rented boat and sandy shores, as seen in photos of them dancing under an umbrella while playing Jenga and posing cutely in white outfits against the crystal blue water. The new best friends even twinned more than once over the weekend.

Game time: Selena was pictured enjoying an exciting game of Jenga with Brooklyn as they spent time on the sandy shore with other close pals

Selena and Brooklyn were caught having an amazing time while they were playing Jenga with their closest pals on the beach. The ambiance was overflowing with mirth and cheerfulness as they relished their game on the sandy shore.

Oh no! A photo captured the moment when the tower of wooden blocks cascaded down around them

Oh no! The camera captured the moment when the wooden block tower came crashing down.

Flaunting poses: The two actresses, who both sported white ensembles, flaunted a cute pose with the crystal blue water sprawled out behind them

The crystal-clear blue water provided a stunning backdrop as the two actresses posed for photos in their matching white outfits. Selena and Nicola looked effortlessly glamorous in their silver Maison Valentino minidresses, featuring delicate cutouts on the sides and back. The transparent platform heels were the perfect finishing touch, fastened with dainty ankle straps. Selena expressed her gratitude to Maison Valentino in a post shared with her massive following of 367 million. Both ladies wore chic ponytails with silver earrings that complemented their outfits. They even took some impromptu shots on an outdoor patio, with Nicola’s husband Brooklyn snapping a pic of the duo. In the end, the stylish pair bid farewell to 2022 in style.

Getting glammed up: The two stars could be seen getting their hair styled as they got ready on New Year's Eve, with Brooklyn also sneaking into the photo

The couple was captured on camera while getting their hair styled in preparation for the New Year’s Eve celebration. Interestingly, Brooklyn made a surprise appearance in the picture. They looked stunning and were all set to enjoy the festivities.

Ready for the festivities: Brooklyn, who didn't spend the Christmas holiday with his family, smiled at the camera as he waited for Selena and his wife to finished getting ready

During Christmas, Brooklyn could not be with his family, but he didn’t let that dampen his excitement for the festivities. He smiled eagerly as he waited for Selena and his wife to finish preparing. Meanwhile, Selena took to Instagram to share a collection of black and white photos from their New Year’s Eve celebration. In one snapshot, Selena relaxed on the sand wrapped in a black jacket while holding a sparkler. The images also captured the group’s joy as they hugged and welcomed the new year with fireworks. Expressing her gratitude for her followers, Selena captioned the post with “Happy New Years y’all! I love and appreciate you all more than you know!”

Group hug: The trio were seen cheerfully sharing a group hug as they enjoyed time out on a boat on the shimmering water

As they cruised along the sparkling surface of the water, the trio wrapped their arms around each other in an exuberant group hug, beaming with happiness.

Funny photo bomb: Selena was pictured jokingly sticking out her tongue as Nicola cheerfully paused for a snap while holding a small camera in her hand

A funny moment occurred when Selena decided to photobomb Nicola’s picture by playfully sticking out her tongue, while Nicola was holding a small camera and posing happily for the shot.

Holidays together: Selena recently joined the newlyweds for the Thanksgiving holiday two months earlier in November

Two months ago, Selena joined the newlyweds for Thanksgiving, and recently celebrated the New Year with some close friends. Although she had a dispute with her former friend Francia Raisa, who generously donated her kidney to Selena when she was severely ill with lupus in 2017, Selena appeared to have a great time. While her health struggles were discussed in her documentary, there was no mention of Francia. Selena had previously mentioned in an interview that Taylor Swift was her only celebrity friend in the industry, which upset Francia and caused her to unfollow Selena on Instagram. Selena responded to a TikTok video regarding Francia’s unfollowing by apologizing for not mentioning everyone she knows. Although Francia deleted her comment, Selena still follows her on Instagram.

Surrounded by friends: The star penned in the caption of one of her New year's photo series, 'You have no idea how much I love you all and appreciate you!'

In an adorable New Year’s photo series, the famous person showed her appreciation and love towards her pals. She took to the caption and expressed how much she adores and cherishes each one of them.

Memorable start: The award winner showcased numerous snaps of her holiday weekend that was spent with pals

The awardee decided to give us a peek into her fun-filled weekend getaway with her buddies by sharing some photos that captured their unforgettable moments together.

Cheerful snap: As the sun set in the horizon, Selena happily posed for a photo with a few other of her close pals on the trip

Joyful snap: Selena and her closest pals are captured in a candid photo that exudes pure bliss. Against the backdrop of the sky, painted with warm shades of orange and pink by the setting sun, Selena beams with delight as she strikes a playful pose. This snapshot is the perfect embodiment of the happy moments shared during their vacation.

New besties: Selena appeared to have had a blast as she celebrated jumping into 2023 while surrounded by close friends, two months after her notable fall out with former pal, Francia Raisa

Selena Gomez had a blast ringing in the New Year with her besties, after having a falling out with ex-friend Francia Raisa. Meanwhile, Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham also soaked up the sun on a tropical paradise for their NYE celebration. Brooklyn shared some snaps of his water adventures and beach frolicking with his pals. It’s been rumored that Brooklyn is experiencing some family drama, as he opted to spend Christmas with Nicola and her fam instead of his own. Victoria Beckham posted on social media how much they’re missing and loving him.

'Miss you': Due to his absence, his mother, Victoria Beckham, uploaded a post with husband, David, and Brooklyn's three siblings and wrote, 'We love you and miss you'

Victoria Beckham has recently expressed her longing for her absent son, Brooklyn, by sharing a post on her social media account. The post features a picture of herself, husband David, and Brooklyn’s siblings, along with a caption that expresses their love for him and how much they miss him.

A kiss under the sun: Brooklyn gently kissed his wife's cheek as they enjoyed time in a jacuzzi hot tub with a stunning view behind them

As they lounged in the warm bubbles of a jacuzzi, Brooklyn planted a gentle kiss on their partner’s cheek and admired the beautiful view surrounding them.

Relaxing: The British-born star lounged on the boat that floated on the wavy blue water as he sipped on a can of Modelo

The famous Brit was seen lounging on a boat, enjoying the gentle waves and sipping on a can of Modelo beer in a relaxed manner.

Picturesque views: The media personality slightly turned his head away from the camera with a stunning rock view in the water behind him

The famous person looked away from the lens and let us glimpse a stunning view of jagged cliffs emerging from the translucent waves.

Taking in the weather: Despite the season being in the dead of winter, Brooklyn and his pals soaked up the sun on the beach

Taking pleasure in the weather: Despite the winter season, Brooklyn and his companions savored the opportunity to bask under the sun on the shore.

Vacation mode: Beckham opted to not spend Christmas or the New Year's holiday with his own family

David Beckham chose to spend his Christmas and New Year’s away from his own family. Nicola, who tied the knot with Brooklyn in April 2022, denied any rumors of a feud with the Beckham family. During her interview with The Times, the actress clarified that every family has its faults, and there were no conflicts between them. However, she acknowledged that some people may have perceived it differently and labeled it as a feud. Nicola disclosed that she had hoped to wear Victoria’s wedding gown on her special day, but circumstances prevented her from doing so. She expressed sadness over the false claims that she had no intention of wearing it. Ultimately, Nicola shared pictures on Instagram of her celebrating New Year’s with Selena and others and expressed her appreciation for them.

'Love you': She also shard a New Year's Instagram photo series with her pal, Selena, and others, typing, ' Love you so much'

The famous person in question posted various images on Instagram to celebrate New Year’s Eve together with her friend Selena and some other pals. She conveyed her fondness for them by using the phrase ‘Love you so much’ in her caption.

So cute! Nicole was pictured kissing her husband, whom she tied the knot with last year in April, while on a boat

Isn’t this just too cute? A picture of Nicole giving her husband a smooch on a boat recently appeared online. The couple tied the knot in April of the previous year.

Fashion moment: The Bates Motel actress stylishly posed wearing a white skit and sweater as she posed for a photo with the sun setting behind her

Fashion Feature: The leading lady of Bates Motel exuded elegance in a stunning ensemble, showcasing a white skirt paired with a cozy sweater. The picturesque sunset served as the perfect backdrop for an eye-catching photo.

Makeup time: Nicole shared a snap of herself sporting a white bikini as she applied final touches to her makeup look

As Nicole applied the finishing touches to her makeup, she paused to snap a selfie. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her white bikini and was completely engrossed in perfecting her appearance.

Capturing moments: The star also paused for a snap in a large bathroom with a long vanity filled with makeup and hair products

Snapping some pics: The famous person also paused to snap a photo in a roomy restroom that featured a large vanity counter fully equipped with an assortment of hair and cosmetic supplies.

Joyful: Selena was seen in between Nicola and her other close friend and author, Raquelle Stevens

Selena was seen in the company of her buddies, Nicola and Raquelle Stevens, with a beaming expression on her face.

Hands up for 2023! A black and white photo was taken of Nicola and Selena from behind the two actresses as they looked out at the view

Hip hip hooray for 2023! A timeless photograph in black and white showcases Nicola and Selena, taking in the picturesque scenery as they stand with their backs towards the camera.

Stylish group: The stars all took time to take various photos to have special memories as they celebrated ringing in 2023

The cool gang: Everyone in the limelight didn’t miss out on capturing those special moments by snapping multiple photos during their New Year’s Eve bash, creating cherished memories as they kicked off the year 2023.

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