“Oops! Jennifer Lawrence’s Wardrobe Malfunction at the GLAAD Media Awards with a See-Through Black Top”

Jennifer Lawrence experienced a wardrobe malfunction while out in New York City. The Oscar-winning actress wore a tight, black top under a black jacket as she was in Manhattan for her appearance at the GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday, but seemed unaware that the garment turned see-through under the light. Although she may have donned a sheer skirt for the event, it appeared that the 32-year-old actress unwittingly picked a matching top that revealed more than she had expected.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence took a fashion risk by wearing a sheer skirt and a see-through back top to the GLAAD Media Awards in New York on Saturday. She pulled her hair back in a chic style and added a thick black choker to complete her edgy look. The star’s skirt featured layered ruffles over a long, see-through layer and accentuated her waist with a leather belt. She completed her ensemble with a dramatic purple, smoky eye and shiny pink lipstick.

The Academy Award recipient spiced up his look by incorporating a sleek black jacket.

Actress J.Law made a bold statement with her sheer top that put her figure on display. She paired it with large earrings and strappy black heels while presenting an award to actor Robert DeNiro at the GLAAD Media Awards. The straightforward star couldn’t resist making a joke on stage, saying “Bob and GLAAD have a lot in common. They’re both gay – just kidding,” eliciting laughter from the audience. She also shared that she was told by five different people to cut her sheer top, but she refused, stating “hell no.”

The Hunger Games star wore a chic skirt that had long, sheer layers. In a serious tone, J. Law praised De Niro’s advocacy of gay marriage and his HBO documentary about his father, Robert De Niro Sr., called Remembering The Artist. “As many of you may know, Bob was deeply touched by his father, a wildly talented abstract expressionist painter, the late Robert De Niro Sr., whose namesake Bob carries with him in his life and with his own artistry,” the Hunger Games star said. “Robert De Niro senior was a gay man who struggled with self-acceptance at a time when organizations like GLAAD were not around,” she said.

In the center stage, Jennifer removed her coat while presenting an award to actor Robert DeNiro. During her speech, she talked about his advocacy for same-sex marriage and a documentary he created about his gay father.

“Just kidding! Jennifer couldn’t resist making a joke that De Niro and GLAAD were both gay.”

Jennifer warmly greeted her friend Robert as he approached the stage.

Embrace each other tightly: The couple hugged each other warmly as Robert took to the stage.

As Robert was giving his speech, the attractive blonde woman appeared to be laughing uncontrollably. This was happening while they were both in the company of Two.

While watching Robert give his speech, Jennifer observed him looking sharp in a blue suit. The moment was captured animatedly.

Robert proudly lifted his award while his co-star from Silver Linings looked on.

The premiere of the film coincided with a moment that deeply touched Laverne Cox, who looked radiant in a blue gown that evening. She reflected on something Bob said that resonated with her. He expressed the hope that this documentary would help his children fully understand the urgency of taking action now, instead of later because later may be too late, even twenty years from now.

Jennifer was beaming with joy as she stood beside actor Robert DeNiro and posed for a photo.

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