“Oops! Crush Confession: Jennifer Lawrence Almost Asked Out Engaged Seth Meyers”

During her appearance on Seth Meyers’ late night talk show, Jennifer Lawrence confessed her crush on him. She wore an elegant black Mugler dress and carried a glass of wine on stage, admitting that she always drinks during talk shows. The 25-year-old actress revealed that she intended to ask Meyers out years ago while hosting Saturday Night Live.

Hollywood star: Jennifer Lawrence revealed she had a crush on Seth Meyers on Tuesday while appearing on his chat show

During her recent appearance on Seth Meyers’ talk show, Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence admitted to once having a crush on Meyers. While recalling her past experience of hosting the show in January 2013, Jennifer confessed that she had created a romantic story in her head because of her delusional nature. Jennifer even expected Seth to ask her out, but later decided to take matters into her own hands during a costume fitting and planned to give him her number. However, upon discussing her plan with the wardrobe lady, Jennifer found out that Seth was already engaged.

Worked out: Seth and Jennifer clinked wine glasses after she shared her crush story

After hearing Jennifer’s crush story, Seth and her celebrated by toasting their wine glasses together.

Drink to that: Jennifer brought her glass of wine backstage onto the show

Cheers to that: Jennifer decided to take her wine glass with her behind the scenes of the show.

Little black dress: The actress looked stunning in a Mugler dress

The Mugler dress worn by the actress was absolutely breathtaking. She was there to promote her new movie Joy, which brings together director David O. Russell and actors Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. Jennifer plays the role of Miracle Mop inventor Joy Mangano in the film, set for release on December 25th. It seems that the Hunger Games star has also recently been busy filming her first sex scene with Chris Pratt for their upcoming sci-fi romance Passengers.

Cracking up: Jennifer laughed while relaying her crush story to Seth

Bursting with laughter: Jennifer shared the details of her crush story with Seth, unable to contain her amusement.

She's funny: The actress kept the audience and Seth in stitches during her interview

She's funny: The actress kept the audience and Seth in stitches during her interview

She has a great sense of humor: The performer had both the crowd and Seth laughing uncontrollably throughout their conversation.

Wine fans: Seth and Jennifer drank to themselves not getting together

Two wine enthusiasts, Seth and Jennifer, raised a glass to celebrate their decision not to pursue a romantic relationship.

Critical acclaim: Jennifer has been nominated for a Golden Globe award for her performance in Joy

Jennifer received critical acclaim when she was nominated for a Golden Globe award for her performance in Joy. During an interview with Seth, Jennifer shared that she had resorted to drinking whiskey before a sex scene to cope with the stress of filming. However, she did not disclose how the scene turned out, stating that she would leave it up to the audience to judge. Later in the show, Kurt Russell joined as a guest and immediately asked for wine, noting that he makes great wine himself. Seth joked that the pinot pairs well with Tarantino, after revealing that he had given his wine as gifts to everyone who worked on Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight.

Sex scene: Jennifer revealed that she filmed her first sex scene and wasn't sure how far to go

In an interview, Jennifer admitted that she had recently participated in her first sex scene and was unsure about the extent to which she should be involved.

So long: The actress said she stormed away when she learned that Seth was engaged

Farewell: The thespian revealed that she dramatically departed upon discovering Seth’s engagement.

During the interview, Kurt shared a funny story about Quentin Tarantino’s rule on set. Tarantino would use a giant purple dildo named Big Jerry to humiliate anyone who broke his rule of sleeping on set. Kurt admitted that he used to get tired while filming and would sometimes request Big Jerry to take a nap. In addition, Seth asked Kurt about the rumor that Walt Disney wrote his name down before he passed away. Although Kurt had seen his name in Disney’s office, he never found out the reason behind it. Seth jokingly asked Kurt if he had poisoned Walt Disney. Finally, the interview ended on a drinking note with master distiller Fred Noe, who gave Seth some tastings. Fred shared that his first taste of Jim Beam bourbon was when his mother rubbed it on his gums as a baby.

Good times: Kurt Russell also appeared on the show and enjoyed a laugh with Seth

Fun times were had on the show when Seth shared some laughs with Kurt Russell, who was also a guest.

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