“Maxx Morando and Miley Cyrus’ Tropical Adventure: A Hot Vacation in Cabo San Lucas”

In November of last year, Miley Cyrus revealed that she was romantically involved with Maxx Morando, a fellow musician. Most recently, the couple took a vacation to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, where they were seen showing affection towards each other. Morando, who is 23 years old and a drummer, seemed to be completely smitten with Miley, who looked stunning in a chic black bikini that showcased her toned physique.

Passionate display: Miley Cyrus, 29, and her musician boyfriend Maxx Morando kicked their relationship up a notch on Friday when they were seen showing off some PDA

South of the border: The new lovebirds were spotted vacationing together in Mexico's Cabo San Lucas

Miley Cyrus and her beau, Maxx Morando, were spotted in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico enjoying a romantic vacation. Miley showcased her toned physique in a stunning black halter string bikini with ruched cups, paired with a matching high-cut string bikini bottom. She completed her look with chic black sunglasses and a casual messy ponytail with frizzy strands framing her face. The couple appeared to be smitten with each other as they soaked up the beautiful surroundings of Cabo San Lucas, taking their relationship to the next level.

Cheeky display: The singer highlighted her pert derriere in her skimpy two-piece swimsuit

The artist flaunted her firm derriere in a bold bathing suit, adding a playful element to her appearance.

Back in black: Miley flashed her toned midriff and taut physique in a black halter string bikini top with ruched cups

Miley showed off her well-defined midsection and perfectly shaped body while wearing a black halter-style bikini top, which had cups that were gathered.

Showing off: She paired the item, which left little to the imagination, with a matching high-cut string bikini bottom

Blond beauty: The Wrecking Ball singer kept her look otherwise casual, with her dyed-blond hair tied back in a messy ponytail with frizzy strands framing her face

The well-known personality wore a bold top along with a high-waisted bikini bottom in the same color. She opted for a relaxed look by tying her blonde hair into a tousled ponytail, leaving loose curls to fall around her face.

Protected: She added a stylish pair of slim black sunglasses to her minimal ensemble to help block out the piercing sun

Expressing herself: Her revealing beach look highlighted her numerous small tattoos

The woman decided to jazz up her simple outfit by adding a stylish pair of sleek black sunglasses to protect her eyes from the intense heat of the sun. Her beach clothes were quite revealing, showcasing several small tattoos on her skin. She added a touch of flair to her casual look by pairing it with a cardigan that had striking vertical stripes in black and white. Meanwhile, the couple was caught up in their own world as Maxx stood behind Miley, gently caressing her breasts while she sipped on her drink. Things took a steamy turn when he lifted her shirt, revealing her toned midsection, and appeared to fondle her chest underneath her clothes.

Cooling down: Miley took a break from her time in the sun to hang out in the shade with her new boyfriend. The actress-turned singer was dressed casually in a black cropped tank top showing off her abs, along with simple black sweatpants

After soaking up some sun, Miley decided to chill in the shade with her latest beau. She kept it casual with a black crop top that flaunted her toned tummy and simple black sweatpants. The singer’s effortless style emitted a relaxed and comfortable feel.

Patterned: She added some visual intrigue to her low-key look with a black-and-white cardigan covered in thick vertical stripes

To elevate her outfit, she opted for a black and white cardigan with striking vertical stripes, providing a hint of flair while keeping the rest of her look uncomplicated and unassuming.

Getting handsy: The two were overcome with passion as Maxx was seen standing behind Miley and running his hands over her chest while she sipped on her beverage

Face-to-face: Miley then turned around to face her boyfriend

Observing the situation, it appeared that Maxx and Miley were having a pleasant time as they indulged in each other’s company. Maxx stood behind Miley and lightly caressed her chest while she relished her drink. Their focus seemed to be fully on the present moment.

Fooling around: Things escalated as he rolled her top up, highlighting her taut tummy, and appeared to cup her chest under her top

As he lifted her top to reveal her toned stomach and caressed her chest through the fabric, the atmosphere became more flirtatious. The singer of “Party in the USA” hugged her partner and displayed public affection on their balcony. Maxx wore a white tank top with rolled-up grey pants that looked even more relaxed than Miley. They continued to showcase their love outside by lounging on a chair covered in cushions. As they kissed, the dark-haired drummer lay on top of Miley, who gazed at him with lovesick eyes during their brief breaks. They made their debut at the Gucci Love Parade fashion event in Los Angeles on November 2, which was well-documented.

Making out: The Party In The USA singer wrapped her arms around her beau as they kissed on the courtyard attached to their room

Snuggling Close: The famous vocalist embraced her significant other and planted a passionate smooch on him while outside in the connecting space of their accommodations.

No fuss: Maxx was dressed even more casually than Miley in a white tank top and gray trousers, which he had rolled up into shorts

Maxx decided to go for a more laid-back look as opposed to Miley’s outfit. He opted for a white tank top and gray trousers that he effortlessly transformed into shorts by rolling them up.

Lying down: Their outdoor PDA continued as they moved to a pillow-covered lounge chair

In a comfortable lounge chair filled with soft cushions, they continued to showcase their affectionate display of love.

Not holding back: The drummer laid down on top of Miley as they continued to kiss

In the spur of the moment, the percussionist went for it and chose to rest on Miley Cyrus while they carried on kissing.

Romantic: Miley looked lovestruck as she gazed into Maxx's eyes while lying across from him

Maxx had completely captured Miley’s heart as she gazed into his eyes, surrounded by an enchanting and intimate atmosphere.

Red-carpet official: The new couple appear to have made their first public outing on November 2, when they walked the red carpet together at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show in Los Angeles

On November 2, the new couple made their first public appearance at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show in Los Angeles. Miley and Maxx were seen holding hands on the red carpet, sparking rumors about their relationship. However, it was only recently that the public found out about their romance. The couple was photographed kissing on Miley’s balcony in Miami Beach on New Year’s Eve, causing quite a stir. Later that night, Miley hosted an NBC and Peacock New Year’s Eve Party with co-host Pete Davidson. During her performance, Miley experienced a wardrobe malfunction when her silver halter top became undone. However, she quickly returned to the stage wearing a blazer, and Pete humorously lifted his shirt in support of her. Despite having no problem with nudity in the past, Miley handled the situation gracefully and preserved her modesty.

Public romance: But it wasn't until December, when DailyMail.com obtained photos of Miley and Maxx kissing from her balcony in Miami Beach on New Year's Eve

Public displays of affection, also referred to as PDA, involve couples showing their love openly in public spaces. Recently, in December, there were pictures displayed on DailyMail.com of Miley and Maxx sharing a New Year’s Eve kiss on her balcony in Miami Beach.

Master of ceremonies: Later that night, she hosted Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party for NBC with SNL star Pete Davidson as her co-host

Whoops! During the performance, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her silver halter top broke loose

At NBC’s New Year’s Eve Party, Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson co-hosted the event. Regrettably, Miley encountered a wardrobe malfunction during their performance when her silver halter top came undone. Later on, she and Maxx were spotted on the beach sunbathing together on the same lounge chair where they had previously kissed. While Miley was working on her tan and chatting on the phone, she wore a black bikini, while Maxx opted for a casual look in black boxer briefs instead of swimwear. Even though they have been seen together in public, they have not made any statements about their current relationship status. Maxx was previously recognized as a drummer for Lilly and The Regrettes from 2015 to 2018.

Working on their tans: Miley and Maxx also took the opportunity to fit in some sunbathing on their trip near the beach

While enjoying their beach getaway, Miley and Maxx decided to soak up some rays and achieve a glowing tan.

No fuss: The drummer — whom E! News reported had joined Miley backstage at her New Year's Eve extravaganza — appeared not to bother with a bathing suit and instead stripped down a casual set of black boxer briefs

The drummer who reportedly joined Miley behind the scenes during her New Year’s Eve show opted for cozy black boxer briefs rather than a swimsuit. He seemed completely at ease in his choice of attire.

Keeping the beat: He's best known for his work as a drummer, most recently with the Los Angeles-based group Lilly, and prior to that he was with the group The Regrettes from 2015 to 2018

Maxx, a skilled drummer, has received recognition for his musical contributions in various bands, including Lilly and The Regrettes between 2015 to 2018. Besides being a specialist in drumming, Maxx is also proficient in playing the guitar. He loves to express his artistic side by creating vibrant designs as a cartoonist, which he showcases on his Instagram page. His artwork seems to be influenced by Takashi Murakami’s iconic images. Miley hinted at her relationship with Maxx before they appeared together on the red carpet in September 2021. In a Vogue interview, she discussed her haute couture festival outfits and referred to Maxx as one of her favorite emerging artists. Miley highlighted how designer Shane Kastl integrated Maxx’s illustrations into his designs. Although it’s unclear when their romantic relationship began, Miley’s appreciation for Maxx’s artwork indicates that she values and respects his creative pursuits.

Multitalented: Maxx also appears to work as a cartoonist, and his Instagram page includes some examples of his colorful designs, which are seemingly influenced by Takashi Murakami's iconic images

Maxx seems to have a wide array of interests and talents that make him a versatile person. Along with his other pursuits, he also enjoys venturing into the world of cartooning. On his Instagram account, you can see a collection of vibrant designs that take inspiration from the iconic imagery of Takashi Murakami.

Playing it cool: Miley seems to have first hinted at their connection even prior to their red carpet debut with a September 2021 Vogue interview about her haute couture festival ensembles

Taking a more laid-back approach, it appears that Miley Cyrus may have dropped subtle hints about her relationship with her partner prior to their first public appearance together on the red carpet. In a September 2021 interview with Vogue, she discussed her trendy festival attire.

Big fan: She described her boyfriend as one of her 'favorite emerging artists,' and she noted how designer Shane Kastl had incorporated some of Maxx's illustrations into his designs

Someone who has great admiration for Maxx expressed their deep respect for their partner’s impressive talent in the field of art. They also pointed out how Shane Kastl, the designer, skillfully integrated Maxx’s artwork into his designs.

Under the radar: It's unclear if the two had begun their romantic relationship at the time she was praising his illustration work

It is uncertain whether Miley and Maxx were romantically involved when she expressed admiration for his artwork. Although there have been rumors about their relationship, the couple only went public in November 2021. They were spotted cuddling up in Nashville, which is near Miley’s hometown of Manchester, Tennessee. After her split from Australian singer Cody Simpson, Miley has kept her dating life under wraps. They began dating in October 2019 after being friends for years, but they ended things by August 2020. Prior to Cody, Miley was in an on-and-off relationship with Liam Hemsworth, whom she eventually married.

First sighting: Even prior to making their red carpet debut in November, Miley and Maxx had been rumored to be together back in July of 2021

Home turf: At the time, they had been spotted getting cozy in Nashville, not far from her home in Manchester, Tennessee

Their initial encounter was the talk of the town even before they made their first public appearance together on the red carpet in November. Rumors about Miley and Maxx being an item had been circulating since July 2021 when they were seen cozying up to each other in Nashville, which is close to Miley’s hometown of Manchester, Tennessee.

Music expert: Although the drums seem to be Maxx's primary focus, he's a multi-instrumentalist who can also play guitar

According to a music expert, Maxx seems to have a strong love for drumming. However, he is also a talented musician who can play the guitar proficiently.

Private: The Hannah Montana star has kept her dating life relatively low-key since ending her relationship with Australian singer Cody Simpson

Old flame: The former couple, who had been friends for years before they began dating, began their relationship in October of 2019, but it had fizzled out by August 2020

Discreetly: Ever since breaking up with Cody Simpson, the star of Hannah Montana has been keeping her love life out of the public eye. Although they had been friends for years, they only started dating in October 2019. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last long as they split up by August 2020.

Getting serious: Prior to turning her friendship with Cody into a relationship, Miley's most intense partnership was with her on–off boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, who later became her husband

Before her relationship with Cody, Miley had a significant romantic history with Liam Hemsworth. They met while filming The Last Song in 2009 and started dating. However, their relationship was tumultuous and they took breaks, seeing other people in between. They got engaged in 2012 but called it off the next year. After dating Patrick Schwarzenegger and Stella Maxwell separately, Miley and Liam reunited in 2016 and got engaged again. They finally got married in December 2018 but unfortunately separated in August 2019, with Liam filing for divorce shortly after. After the breakup, Miley had a brief fling with Kaitlynn Carter.

On and off: The couple began dating in 2009, when they starred together in the romance The Last Song

Playing the field: But Miley dated other men during their separations

At times together, at times apart: Back in 2009, the pair started dating while working on the romantic film, The Last Song. However, they have experienced periods of separation throughout their relationship, leading Miley Cyrus to have relationships with other men.

It's official: Things seemed to have gotten serious again when they announced they were engaged in May 2012

Splitsville: But they had called it off by September of the following year.

The couple rekindled their love and made it official by announcing their engagement in May 2012. However, their joyous moment was ephemeral as they decided to end their engagement just four months later in September of the succeeding year.

Back together: Liam reunited with Miley following her relationships with Patrick Schwarzenegger and model Stella Maxwell in March 2016

After dating Patrick Schwarzenegger and model Stella Maxwell for a short while in March 2016, Miley reunited with Liam and gave their romantic relationship another chance.

Take two: They gave their engagement another try later in 2016

Towards the end of 2016, they came to a mutual agreement to reignite their engagement and give their relationship another chance.

Tying the knot: The couple married at their home near Nashville just days before Christmas in 2018

Getting married: Right before the festive season of Christmas in 2018, the duo tied the knot at their abode situated near Nashville.

It's over: Miley and Liam had separated by August 2019, and Liam filed for divorce less than two weeks later

The love story of Miley and Liam reached its end in August 2019 when they mutually decided to go their separate ways. Unfortunately, the split resulted in Liam making the quick decision to file for divorce only two weeks after their decision to end their relationship.

Just for fun: Following the end of her marriage, Miley famously had a brief fling with Kaitlynn Carter in August and September 2019

Hey, let’s add some fun to this! After Miley’s divorce, she had a well-known affair with Kaitlynn Carter that only lasted from August to September of 2019.

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