London Welcomes Selena Gomez with a Bang: A Fan Frenzy and a Heartwarming Encounter

Selena Gomez made a fashion statement at Paris Fashion Week with her daring and elegant outfits, earning admiration from numerous fans. She continued to create a stir when she arrived in London from Paris, attracting an enthusiastic crowd of British fans as she walked through St Pancras station. An exciting video of the moment is available below.

Make way! Selena Gomez caused a stir as she touched down in London on Thursday night, attracting a crowd of fans as she left St Pancras station

Hey, hey! Heads up everyone! Selena Gomez created quite a stir as she arrived in London on Thursday night. Her arrival at St Pancras station drew a crowd of fans who were eager to catch a glimpse of the star.

Welcome to London! One lucky male admirer was quick to greet the pop princess with a hug and a kiss as she hopped off the Eurostar

Welcome to London! One lucky male admirer was quick to greet the pop princess with a hug and a kiss as she hopped off the Eurostar

Hi there, sending you warm greetings from London! The delightful pop singer was greeted with a tight embrace and a tender peck by a fortunate male admirer the moment she disembarked from the Eurostar.

Good to see you The enamored fan couldn't take his eyes off the pop beauty

Hey there! It’s awesome to have you here. A huge fan of the beautiful pop star Selena couldn’t help but stare at her in admiration as she was swarmed by people asking for selfies. One enthusiastic supporter even offered her a lovely bouquet of flowers. Selena gladly made funny faces for the cameras while her ecstatic fans took pictures. But one man took things a notch higher and hugged her tightly, even managing to give her a peck on the cheek. Stay updated with all the latest news about Selena Gomez as she receives a warm welcome from a male admirer during her visit to London.

Pucker up! The superfan couldn't help himself as he came face to face with Selena 

Prepare to see some puckering up action! One of Selena’s biggest fans couldn’t help but give her a kiss on the cheek when they finally got to meet.

Keeping her close: The fan seemed reluctant to part ways

The fan was hesitant to bid farewell and determined to hold onto her dearly.

Hey girl! Selena's superfan executed his best chat up lines and smooth moves as she walked along 

Hey! Selena’s ardent admirer tried his best pick-up lines and smooth moves while she was passing by.

Dinner tonight? The cheeky chappie grabbed hold of Selena's hand as he attempted to woo her

“Want to grab some dinner tonight?” The flirtatious man grabbed Selena’s hand in an attempt to charm her.

Not this time, pal: Selena, 23, politely managed to extract herself from his clutches 

Hey there pal, unfortunately for him, Selena – who is 23 years of age – managed to gracefully extract herself from his hold.

Hugging it out: The singer-and-actress proved she's a great sport by bidding her fan farewell with a hug

Hugging it out: The singer-and-actress proved she's a great sport by bidding her fan farewell with a hug

Demonstrating her amiable personality, the versatile performer bid farewell to a fan with an affectionate embrace.

Don't wanna let go! Selena was a good sport as she let the fan hug her one last time

Selena exhibited her kindness as a host when she encountered a fan who couldn’t bring themselves to depart without giving her a final embrace. Even though the situation caught her off guard, Selena managed to keep her composure and rejected the admirer’s advances with a light-hearted laugh and smile. Her outfit was understated yet fashionable, featuring a white tee, leggings, and a charming shearling-trimmed jacket. Selena demonstrated her expertise in casual dressing by keeping her makeup minimal, wearing Krewe du Optic shades, and styling her hair into a tidy ponytail.

Joker: The brunette beauty was happy to laugh and joke with her teen fans as she left the station

The attractive woman with dark hair was spotted having a cheerful moment as she shared laughs and playful banter with her young followers outside of the train station.

Ready to hit the sights: Selena was presented with a guide to London as she left the Eurostar

Excited for adventure: As Selena stepped off the Eurostar, she was given a handy London travel guide to help her discover all the city has to offer.

Feeling rosy: The Spring Breakers star was carrying a bouquet of red roses in her arms

Feeling rosy: The Spring Breakers star was carrying a bouquet of red roses in her arms

Vanessa Hudgens, popular for her performance in Spring Breakers, appeared stunning as she clutched a bunch of vibrant red roses.

What was that? Selena looked a little surprised after the encounter with her over-amorous fan

Selena was surprised by the enthusiastic fan who was very affectionate towards her. However, she maintained her composure and looked chic all day in Paris with three fabulous outfits. The first one was a breezy orange maxi dress that complimented her slim figure, which she wore when she visited the Virgin Radio studios. Later on, she changed into a glamorous sparkling gown that featured a bold neckline, radiating sophistication and refinement.

Signing autographs: Selena was happy to sign her name on the move as she made a speedy exit 

Signing her name: Selena happily jotted down her signature while in a rush to leave.

Say cheese: The brunette beauty proved she's a total multi-tasker as she took selfies on the move

Say cheese! The gorgeous brunette proved her impressive multitasking skills by taking selfies on the move.

Shearling chic: Selena was dressed down in  white top, simple leggings and a fluffy jacket

Shearling chic: Selena was dressed down in  white top, simple leggings and a fluffy jacket

Selena appeared effortlessly fashionable donning a warm shearling jacket that complemented her basic white top and comfortable leggings.

Quite the crowd: Selena drew ever more followers to her entourage as she left the station

As Selena made her way out of the station, her entourage continued to expand as more and more people were drawn to her. She turned heads with her bold and daring gown that highlighted her fabulous curves. Before heading into the recording studios, she took some time to snap selfies with her enthusiastic fans. Her outfit was a gorgeous display of bright colors, featuring layers of ruffles that accentuated her ample cleavage and frills on the back that made her look stunning from every angle. To give herself a little boost, the Hands to Myself singer chose a pair of white barely-there heels which added some extra height to her petite frame.

Dressed to impress: Slipping her lithe frame into a billowing orange maxi dress Selena Gomez dazzled as she made her way into Paris' Virgin Radio studios, before quickly changing into a plunging glittering gown

Making an exit: Selena's exit was even more glamorous than her arrival as she flashed her leg in a glittering gown

Selena arrived at the Virgin Radio studios in Paris with an alluring sense of style, dressed in a maxi orange dress that effortlessly highlighted her svelte frame. She later transitioned into a radiant low-cut gown, which elevated her already captivating presence with added glamour.

Tangerine dream! Putting her ample assets on full display in the plunging gown, Selena turned heads as she made her way into the studios, showing off a healthy amount of cleavage in the orange dress

Selena turned heads with her appearance in a striking orange dress that accentuated her curvaceous figure. She wore her chestnut locks in a neat bun and kept her makeup minimal to enhance her gorgeous hazel eyes and full lips. The singer boldly strutted through the crowds, showcasing her fashion-forward style and leaving a strong impression. And as if that wasn’t enough, Selena’s departure was equally impressive as she stepped out in yet another chic ensemble.

Bright spark: With layers of ruffles framing her generous cleavage, the brightly coloured garment also featured frills on the back, ensuring she stunned from every single angle

Peer at the rear: Selena's gown was just as elegant from behind

Her attire caught everyone’s attention with its bright color and numerous layers of ruffles that highlighted her curvy figure. The frilly details on the back gave her an additional glamorous touch, making her look gorgeous from all sides.

Brunette beauty: Slicking her chestnut coloured locks up into a chic bun, she exposed her pretty face which sported a minimal coverage of make-up, allowing her natural beauty to shine through

The beautiful woman, whose locks were brown in hue, appeared absolutely breathtaking as she had her hair fashioned into a polished bun. This allowed her lovely features to be highlighted by subtle makeup, making it effortless for her inherent grace to shine through.

Not just a pretty face: Framing her hazel coloured eyes with lashings of mascara, she lined her plump pout with a slick of rosy gloss as she made her way through the crowds of eager fans

Moving past her outward appearance, she amplified the allure of her hazel eyes with layers of mascara and gave her plump lips a pop of pink gloss. Braving through the swarms of devoted admirers, she strode forward with assurance.

Finishing touches: Nipping in at her tiny waist and billowing out into a dramatic full skirt, the Hands to Myself hitmaker added some height to her petite frame in a pair of white barely there heels

Making an exit: Gliding through the crowds, the star ensured she made a stylish entrance, which was trumped only by her exit, when she changed into another fashion forward ensemble

As she put the finishing touches on her attire, the famous artist, who gained popularity with her chartbuster tune “Hands to Myself”, wrapped a belt around her waist, which gracefully flared out into an eye-catching full skirt. To enhance her petite frame, she opted for almost transparent white heels.

Ready to work: Beaming as she made her way into the studios, Selena seemed in good spirits 

Selena arrived at the studio with a big smile on her face, exuding positivity. Her outfit was eye-catching as she showed off her long legs in a shimmery wrap dress. The star was also dressed in a navy jacket with fur trim, and black barely-there heels for added height. She had a chic chignon hairstyle, and her purple eyeshadow matched her attire. Selena’s brief visit to the station resulted in a complete style change, and she confidently flaunted her beautiful figure in her glittery gown.

It was no surprise to see Selena’s fashion flair as she showcased yet another chic ensemble. As a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton, she turned many heads with her elegant off-the-shoulder blazer that seemed to be folded around her shoulders. The top featured flared sleeves, and she paired it with black trousers, completing her monochromatic outfit with open-toe white heels.

Leggy lady! Putting on a leggy display in a plunging metallic wrap dress, Selena underwent an entire style overhaul during her fleeting trip to the station, emerging in an entirely different outfit

Selena, who looked stunning, flaunted her well-toned legs in a glossy wrap dress that embellished her figure. To everyone’s surprise, the singer had a quick visit to the station and changed into an entirely different outfit.

Furry nice! Flaunting her ample assets in the glittering gown, the star layered up in the cold with a navy jacket with a cream faux fur trim and panels lining the front and shoulders of the coat

The famous personality looked absolutely stunning! She flaunted her gorgeous figure in a dazzling sequined gown and kept herself cozy in a navy blue coat that had faux fur accents in cream. The intricate detailing on the coat’s front and shoulders elevated the overall sophistication of her ensemble.

Finishing touches: Adding some height in a pair of black barely there heels, she kept her raven coloured locks up, but slicked them into a chic chignon, whilst also changing her make-up to match

Pretty peepers: Sporting a slick of purple eye shadow, the star underwent a complete style revamp

In order to perfect her look, she elevated it with black heels that were barely there and neatly tied her black hair into a chic chignon. She also altered her makeup to complement her new appearance. As for accessories, she chose timeless round sunglasses in a classic black shade. During the recent Paris Fashion Week’s final shows, Selena Gomez displayed her fashion-forward sense by donning three distinct outfits in just one day. She looked absolutely stunning in each trendy ensemble, whether it was a simple ponytail paired with a bold red lip or something entirely different.

When in Paris: Selena Gomez was pictured strolling through the streets of Paris in yet another chic ensemble on Thursday

On Thursday, Selena Gomez was seen having a relaxed walk along the charming streets of Paris wearing yet another fashionable ensemble.

Tres chic: The 23-year-old beauty turned heads as she strutted by in a stylish off-the shoulder blazer which gave it illusion it had been folded down around the shoulders

Looking trendy and fashionable: The stunning young lady, who is only 23 years old, managed to turn heads with her off-the-shoulder blazer, which seemed to have been creatively draped around her shoulders.

Stepping out in style: The flare sleeved top was teamed with black trousers while she completed her black and white look with open-toe white heels

The celebrity achieved a chic and trendy appearance by pairing a top with flared sleeves with black trousers and open-toe white heels. She opted for a low-cut black chiffon dress with semi-sheer panels for a luxurious Louis Vuitton post-show dinner, giving the impression that she had skipped wearing a bra and briefs. The stunning dress featured a chiffon section that tied around her neck, while her brown locks were styled in an elegant updo. To complete her outfit, she selected Christian Louboutin heels with semi-sheer details. Despite being only a fashion spectator, Selena Gomez has successfully established her own remarkable style.

Fashion fan: Accessorising with classic black round shades, the brunette beauty opted to sweep her locks up into a ponytail while she sported a simple red lip

Fashion lover: The brown-haired style enthusiast opted for a chic ponytail hairstyle and elevated her appearance with classic black round sunglasses. To complete her outfit, she chose a subtle red lipstick that enhanced her natural beauty.

Ladies who lunch: The former Disney star appeared to have stop at Ginger restaurant for a bite to eat

Ladies who lunch: The former Disney star appeared to have stop at Ginger restaurant for a bite to eat

While grabbing a bite to eat at the Ginger restaurant, the lunching lady spotted Selena Gomez looking chic in a white blouse and denim miniskirt for her appearance at the Louis Vuitton catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week. Later on, she swapped her outfit for some bold red leather trousers and joined other brand ambassadors to get a sneak peek of the Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 collection. Despite her petite stature of just 5ft4in, Selena’s long legs were the star of the show, making her stand out effortlessly in her stylish shirt and skirt combo.

Say cheese: The actress pulled her best pout for a selfie as she kindly stopped to pose with fans

Smile! The actress flashed her pearly whites for a selfie and kindly paused to pose with fans, showing off her charismatic demeanor.

Quick change: Her latest look comes after Selena sported three outfits in one day whilst out and about on Wednesday for the last shows of Paris Fashion Week

Quick change: Her latest look comes after Selena sported three outfits in one day whilst out and about on Wednesday for the last shows of Paris Fashion Week

Lately, Selena Gomez has been impressing everyone with her quick wardrobe changes. During her recent appearance at the Paris Fashion Week, she was spotted wearing three different outfits in just one day. Her latest look is a clear example of how versatile and eclectic her fashion sense can be.

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