“Killing for Love: The Stunning Jennifer Lawrence as the Seductive Spouse of Bradley Cooper in The Murder Games”

Check out the first look at Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in their upcoming movie, Serena. In this sneak peek, Jennifer is seen portraying a stunning young wife in the late 1920s who sets out to build a life with her attractive husband, played by Cooper. The role is a far cry from her previous inspiring character, Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, as it takes on a much darker tone.

Radical departure: Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence plays a young wife who is driven to commit murder after discovering she can't have a child

The movie features Toby Jones and Rhys Ifans, both of whom have been nominated for an Academy Award. It is an adaptation of Ron Rash’s well-received novel “Serena,” which was a finalist for the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction in 2009. The plot revolves around George and Serena Pemberton, who journey from Boston to the North Carolina mountains in 1929 to establish a logging dynasty. The description of the film states that Serena proves her worth by overseeing work crews, hunting dangerous snakes, and rescuing someone from the wild.

The king and queen work together to maintain control over their kingdom, eliminating any obstacles in their path. However, Serena discovers that she is unable to conceive a child and becomes determined to kill the woman who gave birth to George’s illegitimate son. As suspicions arise about George’s loyalty to his secret family, the couple’s once harmonious relationship begins to unravel. The story builds towards a shocking conclusion. Despite criticisms of her portrayal as Everdeen, Lawrence found the negative comments amusing and chose not to take them seriously.

Baby fat? Jennifer was ludicrously criticised for looking too healthy to play The Hunger Games role

As per a report by the Chicago Sun Times, an actress expressed her frustration to a friend regarding the criticism she faced for having a normal physique. She further added that the media often portrays unnaturally thin body types as desirable, which can lead to young girls and women feeling pressured to conform. Some critics of a film claimed that the actress, Jennifer Lawrence, was not as thin as the character in the book, who is described as being impoverished and malnourished. One journalist even referred to Lawrence’s physique as having “persistent baby fat.”

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