“J.Lo’s Stunning White Crop Top and Blue Dress Combo Steals the Show at Magic Johnson’s Birthday Bash with A-Rod in St Tropez”

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez began their love story in February 2017, and they took their relationship to the next level when they got engaged in March. The couple was recently spotted attending Magic Johnson’s 60th birthday party at Nikki Beach in St. Tropez, where they seemed genuinely happy. Jennifer caught everyone’s attention with her flawless figure as she wore a white long-sleeved crop top that perfectly complemented the outdoor celebration’s ambiance.

Party: Jennifer Lopez looked nothing short of sensational as she arrived at Nikki Beach in St Tropez to celebrate the 60th birthday of basketball star Magic Johnson on Monday

On Monday, Jennifer Lopez made an appearance at Magic Johnson’s 60th birthday bash at Nikki Beach in St Tropez, and she looked absolutely stunning. Her commitment to fitness shone through as she flaunted her toned abs and sun-kissed glow after a boat trip. The multi-talented artist was dressed to impress in a stylish blue dress with white polka dots, featuring a daring leg slit that accentuated her toned legs. She elevated her height with chunky heels and added a touch of glamour with large sunglasses. Completing her look, Jennifer styled her locks into a sleek updo and carried a cream handbag.

Couple: The singer, who showcased her etched abs in a white crop top, was joined by her fiancé Alex Rodriguez at the outdoor bash

The open-air celebration observed the appearance of the vocalist, showing off her firm belly muscles in a white midriff-baring shirt, with her soon-to-be husband, Alex Rodriguez, by her side.

Loved-up: Jennifer and Alex had a fun day out together, and rarely strayed from each other's side as they enjoyed the picturesque views

Smitten: The happy couple posed for a selfie in front of a gorgeous sunset

Jennifer and Alex had a wonderful time together, enjoying the beautiful surroundings they were in. Alex chose a relaxed outfit for the birthday celebration, wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and matching jeans, completed with aviator sunglasses. The event was full of famous people, including actor Samuel L Jackson who arrived by boat with a group of friends. He kept it casual with a purple t-shirt, shorts, and colorful sneakers. Also, Magic Johnson’s son, CJ, attended the party and looked stylish in an electric blue shirt tied around his waist and a matching wrap skirt.

Style: The actress also wore a flowing blue dress with a white polka dot print which also featured a daring leg slit

Style: The actress also wore a flowing blue dress with a white polka dot print which also featured a daring leg slit

The woman on stage wore a flowing blue dress covered in white dots. The design featured a daring slit revealing her leg.

Beauty: Jennifer's dedication to fitness has paid off as the singer displayed her flawless physique at the party

At the gathering, Jennifer confidently showed off her flawless physique, which is a testament to her dedication to maintaining her fitness.

Fashion: The actress also wore a flowing blue dress with a white polka dot print which also featured a daring leg slit

Fashion: The actress also wore a flowing blue dress with a white polka dot print which also featured a daring leg slit

The woman celebrity confidently showed off her eye-catching attire that consisted of a flowy blue dress highlighted with white spots. The outfit also featured a daring cut that gave a peek of her leg.

Romantic: Alex and Jennifer looked cosy as they enjoyed a boat trip with other guests before arriving at the beach

As they set sail with their companions, Alex and Jennifer exuded a sense of ease and relaxation. The air was thick with a romantic ambiance that permeated throughout the boat. After reaching their destination – a stunning beach – the couple disembarked from the vessel in St Tropez. Jennifer, the well-known On The Floor singer, looked chic and elegant in a cream blazer jacket paired with a matching top and white jeans. She accessorized her look with oversized sunglasses and hoop earrings, while her brown heels added a touch of sophistication. Alex, on the other hand, opted for a more casual outfit consisting of a light blue hoodie and matching pants.

Outfit: Jennifer added height to her frame with a pair of chunky heels while she also sported a large pair of sunglasses

Jennifer boosted her stature with some chunky heels that matched her outfit perfectly. To wrap up her look, she sported a trendy pair of oversized sunglasses.

Stylish: Alex kept it casual for the birthday bash and wore a white long-sleeved shirt which he paired with matching jeans and aviator shades

Alex decided to dress comfortably for the birthday celebration by wearing a relaxed outfit. He chose to wear a neat white shirt with long sleeves that he paired with fashionable jeans. To complete his casual look, he added a pair of cool aviator sunglasses.

Romance: Alex and Jennifer began dating in February 2017 and announced their engagement in March

Alex and Jennifer’s romantic journey commenced in February 2017 when they started dating each other. They hit it off so well that their bond strengthened in no time. Eventually, they realized they were meant to be together for eternity. A month after, in March, they disclosed their engagement news, and it’s incredible how love has the power to transform our lives in a short time span!

Relaxation: The couple got to see the sights of St Tropez from the water before they joined the birthday festivities

Relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sights of St Tropez, Alex and Jennifer spent some quality time together before heading to a birthday celebration. This fun outing came after Alex gave Jennifer an incredible gift for her birthday – a gorgeous red 2019 Porsche 911 GTS. The entire experience was captured on Alex’s YouTube channel for their fans to see. Together with their children, Alex and Jennifer put their creative minds together to come up with the perfect gift for Jennifer, who already seemed to have it all. It was definitely a fun and memorable summer day spent with loved ones.

Arrival: Jennifer touched down in St Tropez by plane with the On The Floor singer cutting an elegant figure for her journey

As she traveled to St Tropez, Jennifer was joined by the gorgeous On The Floor vocalist. Throughout the trip, she emanated a sense of poise and refinement.

Ensemble: She stepped off the plane in style, sporting a cream blazer jacket and a matching top which she paired with white jeans

Ensemble: She stepped off the plane in style, sporting a cream blazer jacket and a matching top which she paired with white jeans

Upon stepping off the aircraft, she exuded effortless elegance with her cream blazer and matching top, which flawlessly paired with her pristine white jeans.

Casual: Alex went for a laid back look for the journey and wore a light blue hoodie and matching bottoms

Casual: To ensure a relaxed and comfortable journey, Alex opted for a light blue hoodie and matching pants for his outfit.

Romantic: Alex posted an adorable snap of the couple looking cosy as the sun set

Alex posted a lovely picture of himself and his significant other cozily cuddling as they watched the sunset.

Party: Alex shared a video to his Instagram Stories of Jennifer dancing with a fan as the fun got underway

Party: Alex shared a video to his Instagram Stories of Jennifer dancing with a fan as the fun got underway

Alex posted a footage on his Instagram Stories which depicts Jennifer enjoying herself with a fan while the celebration commenced.

Romantic: Jennifer shared another glimpse at the couple's selfie which she hashtagged #MagicHour

Jennifer recently shared a cute selfie of herself and her partner on social media under the hashtag #MagicHour. In a surprising turn of events, her partner revealed that they had been discussing buying her a car even though she hadn’t driven in 25 years. Despite this, they decided to purchase a flashy red Porsche worth a whopping $120,700. The entire family put in a lot of effort to plan the surprise, and when the day finally arrived, they blindfolded Jennifer before bringing her outside. Her reaction was priceless as she was completely shocked to see the luxurious vehicle waiting for her. She exclaimed that she would need to learn how to drive since she had never driven such an expensive car before or driven a car at all.

Birthday: The couple were in St Tropez to celebrate the 60th birthday of Magic Johnson who looked in high spirits after arriving at the beach

The duo had traveled to St Tropez to celebrate the remarkable birthday of Magic Johnson. The celebrated basketball icon seemed to be in excellent spirits as he graced the beautiful seaside location.

Happy birthday! Magic pulled out all the stops for a star-studded soiree to celebrate another year of life with wife Cookie by his side

Sending birthday greetings to Magic on his special day! He and his lovely wife, Cookie, celebrated with a party filled with famous faces. Cookie even got back behind the wheel of the car and took a cruise around their neighborhood. The couple is enjoying a much-needed break. Jennifer Lopez, who plays Ramona Vega in the upcoming movie Hustlers, mentors Constance Wu’s character, Destiny, a new stripper in New York City, and shows her how to hustle to make a living.

A-list: Samuel Jackson was another famous face at the festivities where he sported a purple t- shirt and matching shorts

Samuel Jackson, a well-known actor, made an appearance at the event sporting a striking outfit. He stood out in a purple t-shirt and matching shorts that caught everyone’s attention.

Party: The artist joined a bunch of people on a boat before reaching the beach to relax and enjoy themselves.

Fun in the sun: Samuel and several other guests hopped into golf carts after making their way up the beach

Samuel and some of his friends had a fantastic time soaking up the sun. After walking along the beach, they hopped onto golf carts to continue their adventure.

Family: Magic's son EJ was another guest at the party and wore an electric blue shirt which he tied around his waist with a matching wrap skirt

During the party, EJ, Magic’s son, wore an electrifying blue shirt and complemented it with a wrap skirt tied around his waist. Jennifer, the talented singer, disclosed to Fandango that she found pole dancing challenging and required a high level of expertise. She shared that it was not an easy task that everyone could accomplish and needed immense skill. Nevertheless, Jennifer pulled off the moves, even if it left her with many bumps and bruises. Additionally, Jennifer expressed her love for the enormous platform heels she wore in the trailer scene, joking about wearing them all the time. However, she admitted that it was like learning how to walk again when she first wore them since they required immense balance and agility.

Generous: Alex and Jennifer's outing comes after the baseball star gifted her with a car at their house in Miami for her birthday during the summer

Alex and Jennifer had a lovely date recently, which was preceded by Alex gifting her a car on her birthday at their Miami residence earlier in the season. It’s amazing how generous he is!

Career: Jennifer will next be seen on the big screen in Hustlers, a crime comedy about a group of strippers in New York City

Jennifer’s next film role is in the comedic crime movie, Hustlers. The story follows a group of exotic dancers located in New York City.

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