J.Lo’s ‘Hustlers’ Prep: Stripper Poles Installed in All Her Homes

It is already known that Jennifer Lopez brought her fiancĂ©, Alex Rodriguez, to visit a strip club while preparing for “Hustlers”, but a new behind-the-scenes secret reveals that the 50-year-old singer was fully committed to her role as a stripper named Ramona.

During a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, choreographer and dancer Johanna Sapakie discussed the challenges of training the cast for acrobatics and pole dancing. Despite only having two and a half months to prepare before filming began, Sapakie was determined to organize two to three hour long practice sessions each week. Even though Jennifer Lopez was touring at the time, she went above and beyond to ensure she could practice at her homes in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. This included installing portable stripper poles in each of her residences. Talk about dedication!

Sapkai explained that the purpose of ensuring she had a pole in any city she was in was so that they could lock out a pole training. Although she confirmed that J.Lo “nailed it,” she hopes that Hustlers will debunk the stigma that comes with pole dancing, adding, “It doesn’t mean that you’re any specific type of person because you do it. It’s for everybody.”

There’s only one method to discover the true meaning behind the stripper pole hype and it involves watching the new movie Hustlers, currently showing in theaters.

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