J.Lo Stuns in a Daring Thigh-Split Cocktail Dress at Oscars After-Party Amidst Outrage Over Hustlers Snub

Jennifer Lopez decided to switch up her Oscars look and went for a more glamorous cocktail dress as she made her way to the after-parties in Los Angeles. Her second outfit of the night was a stunning sea green sparkling dress that featured a daring thigh split, showcasing her well-known curves. The 50-year-old star shared photos of her ensemble on Instagram, which highlighted her toned legs, completed with silver wedge heels.

Sparkling: Jennifer Lopez ditched her somewhat conservative Oscars ensemble on Sunday night for an ultra-glam cocktail dress as she headed to the Academy Award after-parties in Los Angeles

Jennifer Lopez left her conservative Oscars outfit behind for a more glamorous cocktail dress at the post-ceremony parties in Los Angeles on Sunday night. She complemented the look with golden wavy locks and beautiful diamond earrings, adding bronzer, thick mascara, and a nude lip to the ensemble. Earlier at the ceremony, she wore a high-necked silver top and violet skirt with straight, sleek hair that was notably shorter. Despite not getting an Academy Award nomination for her notable performance in Hustlers, her fans haven’t forgotten her and used a new meme during the Sunday night Oscars. Fans shared a looped video footage of a giant decorative Oscar statue being carried off camera outside the event in Los Angeles, claiming that they were “stealing” the award for her.

Shine bright: The 50-year-old star took to Instagram to show off her second outfit of the night - a sea green sparkling cocktail dress, with a very daring thigh split

The famous actress, who is 50 years old, shared on Instagram her second outfit of the night – a shining sea green cocktail dress that had a daring thigh split. A Twitter user named Sam Stryker joked about stealing an Oscar to give it to Jennifer Lopez for her role in Hustlers. This sparked a trend as other users joined in, with some suggesting that Adam Sandler deserved recognition for his performance in the unnominated film Uncut Gems. One user even joked about stealing an Oscar for Sandler.

Justice for Jlo: On Sunday, Twitter birthed an amusing new meme, when Jlo fans used a looped bit of video of a giant Oscar being carried off-camera outside the Academy Awards to show them 'stealing' the award for her

On the weekend, a hilarious new meme was born on Twitter as the Jlo fan club shared a repeated clip of a massive Oscar statuette being carried away from the Academy Awards stage to depict Jennifer Lopez ‘taking’ the prize for herself.

Snubbed: When Lopez didn't land an Oscar nomination for her acclaimed in work in last year's Hustlers, the reaction on social media was palpable

Dismissed: The social media realm was abuzz with disappointment when Lopez failed to secure an Academy Award nomination for her impressive performance in the 2019 hit film Hustlers.

Justice for Waterboy: Others quickly got in on the fun, like another user who felt that Adam Sandler deserved recognition for his role in the totally snubbed crime drama Uncut Gems

The internet has been buzzing with a new meme called “Justice for Waterboy”, which started with a user expressing their disappointment about Adam Sandler not getting recognized for his role in the overlooked crime drama Uncut Gems. Another snub that garnered attention was Greta Gerwig not being nominated for Best Director for her film Little Women, despite being nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. This led to Twitter users venting their frustration and using the “Justice for Waterboy” meme to highlight their grievances. However, one user used the meme to highlight a nominee who isn’t considered a favorite to win, but still received their fourth nomination.

Another snub that rightfully got a lot of traction on social media, and surfaced again with the new meme: Greta Gerwig, who was skipped over for Best Director for her film Little Women

The internet went wild with another notable snub during the Oscars, this time directed at Greta Gerwig who was overlooked for Best Director for her movie Little Women. The snub gained attention on social media and even gave rise to a new meme. One meme posted by a Timothee Chalamet fan account read, “Timothée stealing an Oscar for Saoirse after she loses #Oscars” in reference to Saoirse Ronan’s Best Leading Actress nomination for the same film. Other users of the meme also used it to show support for Jojo Rabbit child actor Roman Griffin Davis and to root for the South Korean film Parasite, which was considered the dark horse nominee for Best Picture. As for Jlo, while she missed out on an Oscar nomination, she did receive a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Hustlers, as well as recognition from various film critics circles, the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, and a nomination for a Film Independent Spirit Award.

She hustled: Jlo did enjoy a Golden Globe nomination for her Hustlers role, as well as honors from various film critics circles and others; seen in the film with Constance Wu

Jlo was very active: She was nominated for a Golden Globe due to her performance in the movie Hustlers. Additionally, she received recognition from multiple film critics associations. In the movie, she acted alongside Constance Wu.

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