“J.Lo Ditches Bra for Shimmering Silver Dress on Set of Rom-Com Marry Me”

On Tuesday, the production of the movie Marry Me in New York featured a scene that mimicked real life. Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, and Maluma were captured on set, where they portrayed a scenario that all of them are familiar with – walking on a red carpet. JLo, who was playing the role of a pop icon, donned a splendid dress that accurately resembled the ones she sports during actual red-carpet events.

Art imitates life: This Tuesday in New York, Jennifer filmed a scene for her movie Marry in a setting she has plenty of real-world experience with - a red carpet

The saying “art imitates life” held true for Jennifer as she filmed a scene for her upcoming film, Marry, in New York this week. The setting was one she knows all too well – a red carpet – adding an element of authenticity to her performance.

Made for the role: The 50-year-old Jenny From The Block singer, in character as a pop diva, wore just the sort of dazzling gown she models on actual red carpets

Tailored to her part, the artist known as Jenny From The Block, who is 50 years old, dressed up as a pop star and adorned a stunning gown that she would usually wear on real-life red carpet events.

The stunning Jennifer Lopez decided to ditch her bra for a glamorous silver split dress that expertly highlighted her famous curves and toned dancer’s legs. To add more height to her already statuesque figure, she opted for a pair of sky-high heels that perfectly complemented her scintillating makeup. As she arrived at the venue, she smiled broadly and was gallantly assisted by a gentleman in a suit, just like on real red carpets. During breaks, J-Lo could be seen with her hair tightly pulled back into a bun, wearing a robe over her shoulders while sipping on a cup of coffee.

What a cast: She was accompanied by her co-stars (from left) Maluma and Owen Wilson

What an amazing lineup: Her fellow actors (on the left) were Maluma and Owen Wilson.

Sizzler: She slipped into a silver split dress that emphasized her legendary curves and allowed her to show off her dancer's legs

Sizzle: She donned a stunning silver dress with a thigh-high split to accentuate her renowned curves and flaunt her toned dancer’s legs.

Looking fabulous: Giving herself a bit of extra stature on a pair of sky-high heels, the Selena star accentuated her screen siren features with striking makeup

Appearing stunning: Elevating her height with a pair of high heels, the Selena celebrity emphasized her captivating facial features with bold and eye-catching makeup.

Drawn from experience: As on real red carpets, Jennifer flashed a megawatt smile as she emerged from her car and a gentleman in a suit helped her onto the curb

Based on personal observation: Jennifer displayed a stunning smile, reminiscent of actual Hollywood red carpet events, as she stepped out of her vehicle. A well-dressed gentleman kindly assisted her in reaching the pavement.

Refreshments: J-Lo slicked her hair tightly back into a bun and could be spotted between takes with a robe flung over her shoulders and a coffee cup in her hands

J-Lo sported a sleek bun and took breaks between filming with a robe draped over her and a steaming cup of coffee in hand.

Amazing: Jennifer appeared to be filming a red carpet of sorts for her latest Hollywood role

Incredible: Jennifer was spotted capturing footage for her latest Hollywood gig on what looked like a red carpet event. She looked absolutely stunning in her glamorous outfit, which included a cape that elegantly draped over her left arm and was adorned with delicate fringing. Owen also looked the part in his classic black suit, complete with a matching bow-tie and crisp white shirt, as they struck poses together on the red carpet, making sure to capture every angle against a dazzling gold backdrop. Later on, Maluma arrived on the scene, sporting a sleeveless black leather jumpsuit that showcased his toned arms, along with a pair of stylish aviators.

Location, location, location: Jennifer and Owen shared a laugh while apparently trying to find the right marks for their shot

Jennifer and Owen seemed to be searching for the perfect spot to take their picture as they shared a lighthearted moment and shared a laugh together. The old saying “location, location, location” certainly came to mind as they scouted out the best marks for their shot.

Barrel of laughs: The dynamic duo seemed to be thoroughly enjoying one another's company as they chatted between takes

Having a good time: The two pals appeared to be having a blast together while catching up during breaks in filming.

Elaborate: Her sparkling ensemble featured a cape that draped over her left arm and was trimmed with a faint bit of fringe

She wore a dazzling outfit that included a cape hanging on her left arm, adorned with a delicate fringe trimming.

Snappy: Owen similarly modeled a classic red carpet chic ensemble, meaning a black suit with a matching bow-tie and a simple white dress shirt

Owen rocked a timeless and elegant look that’s perfect for any red carpet event. He donned a sleek black suit with a coordinating bow-tie and crisp white dress shirt.

Place to be: He and Jennifer spent a bit of time standing posing as a duo on the red carpet, posing up a storm against a sparkling gold curtain

The spot they chose was perfect for a photo op. Together, he and Jennifer struck poses on the red carpet, showing off their best angles against a glimmering gold backdrop. They looked like a dynamic duo, ready to take on the world.

Perfection: She looked every inch the Hollywood superstar as she filmed the scenes in her plunging metallic dress

Flawless: With her low-cut metallic attire, she exuded the glamour and elegance of an A-list celebrity while shooting the scenes.

Suave: Maluma made a bold statement in his all-black ensemble as he walked the pretend red carpet for the scenes

Maluma made a daring fashion statement by donning an all-black outfit while walking the fictitious red carpet for his upcoming movie. The film follows Bobby Crosby’s web comic plot, where a lovelorn pop star encounters a fan carrying a “Marry Me” sign and decides to accept the offer. Jennifer, who is already generating Oscar buzz for her new crime drama flick Hustlers, portrays the lead role. Meanwhile, Maluma, the Colombian heartthrob who collaborated with Madonna on the song Medellin, portrays a musician who jilts J-Lo at the altar. The chaotic wedding ceremony, which takes place at Madison Square Garden, is where she notices Owen, her admirer, amongst the throngs of people and makes him her groom, according to IMDb.

Dashing: Eventually, they were joined by Maluma, who flashed his toned arms in a sleeveless black leather jumpsuit and modeled a dashing pair of aviators

Stylish: In due course, Maluma united with them and flaunted his fit arms in a black leather jumpsuit without sleeves. He also sported a fashionable pair of aviators that added to his stylish look.

Helping hand: Jennifer was joined by a member of crew as she wrapped up in her robe between takes

Assisting friend: In the midst of breaks between filming, Jennifer received some company from a crew member who helped her put on her robe.

Premise: The film is based on Bobby Crosby's web comic in which a romantically desperate pop star sees a fan holding a 'Marry Me' sign and takes him up on the offer

The movie is adapted from Bobby Crosby’s online comic strip about a pop star who is searching for love. One day, she notices one of her fans holding a sign that reads ‘Marry Me’. She decides to take him up on the offer, but chaos ensues as their relationship progresses.

Behind the camera: Kait Coiro, who has helmed episodes of such shows as Shameless, Modern Family and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, is directing the new movie

The upcoming film Marry Me is being directed by Kait Coiro, who has previously directed episodes of hit shows like Shameless, Modern Family and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Jennifer was recently spotted in a stunning bridal gown designed by Zuhair Murad while filming at the Atelier Condo Building. The script for the movie was written by Tami Sagher, a former staff writer for How I Met Your Mother, and John Rogers, co-writer of Catwoman, with additional rewrites done by Harper Dill.

Acclaimed: Jennifer, who is already receiving Oscar buzz for her new stripper crime drama movie Hustlers, plays the leading lady

Renowned for her role in the highly-anticipated crime drama, Hustlers, Jennifer has been generating Oscar buzz as the main protagonist.

Who's who: Maluma, a Colombian pop hunk who collaborated on the song Medellin with Madonna, plays a rocker who breaks up with J-Lo at the altar

Meet Maluma, the handsome Colombian pop sensation who teamed up with Madonna for their hit single Medellin. In his latest project, he takes on the role of a rockstar who leaves Jennifer Lopez heartbroken at the altar.

What a ride: As she climbed into the black SUV that would sweep her away from the red carpet, J-Lo revealed that her dress was backless

Wow, what a journey! J-Lo hopped into the sleek black SUV that would whisk her away from the glitz and glamour of the red carpet. And, as she settled in, she let slip the detail that her dress was designed with a daringly open back.

Added glitz: Jennifer accessorized the look with a pair of hoop earrings

Extra sparkle: Jennifer completed her outfit with a set of hoop earrings as an accessory.

What a look: Jennifer was spotted wearing a massively extravagant Zuhair Murad bridal gown while filming Marry Me at the Atelier Condo Building last Thursday

Jennifer turned heads when she appeared in a breathtaking bridal gown by Zuhair Murad during the filming of Marry Me at the Atelier Condo Building last week. The gown was undoubtedly extravagant and made a grand statement.

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