J.Lo Bares it All in Glitzy Swimsuit for New Song “Cambia El Paso,” Shares She’s ‘Never Been Happier’ with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez, who will be celebrating her 52nd birthday on July 24, appears to have defied the aging process. The singer recently shared a sneak peek of her upcoming music video for the single Cambia El Paso, where she flaunted her youthful looks while wearing a crystal-encrusted bikini top and blue denim shorts on a Florida beach. In a radio interview, the artist revealed that the song is about change and moving on from past failures, potentially hinting at her recent breakup with Alex Rodriguez. However, she also expressed her current happiness, including her renewed relationship with Ben Affleck.

Still hot: Jennifer Lopez is turning 52-years-old on July 24, but she still looks like she is in her thirties. And this weekend the Bronx native flaunted her youthful looks yet again as she shared a teaser for the music video for her single Cambia El Paso

Jennifer Lopez is soon to celebrate her 52nd birthday on July 24, and despite her age, she continues to look stunningly youthful, appearing as if she’s still in her thirties. In recent days, the singer has once again showcased her captivating looks, giving fans a sneak peek of her music video for her single Cambia El Paso. Originally from the Bronx, Lopez has continued to captivate audiences with her talent and undeniable beauty.

In shape: The 51-year-old star highlighted her gorgeous curly locks as she wore a crystal-studded bikini top with short blue denim Daisy Duke style shorts while on the beach in Florida

Looking fabulous at 51, the celebrity showed off her beautiful curly hair while sporting a bikini top adorned with crystals and matching it with short denim shorts styled like Daisy Dukes. She was spotted enjoying the sunny beach in Florida.

Jenny takes a nap: The icon laid tummy down on the shore with her wet hair over her face

Jenny decided to catch a quick nap on the shore, as she laid on her tummy with her damp hair covering her face. She just released a new single with Rauw Alejandro from Puerto Rico, which was made available to the public on Monday. The music video, shot in Miami at the beginning of June, showed off her incredible body in a shiny triangle top that highlighted her daily gym visits and toned figure. Her denim shorts were short enough to display her toned legs and Dolce & Gabbana undies. Jennifer’s voluminous caramel-colored locks framed her gold cross earrings, and her natural makeup complemented her face beautifully. Throughout the video, we see the Maid In Manhattan actor laying in the sand and getting up for some dance moves, looking as sizzling hot as ever.

Lovely in the ocean: In the video - which was filmed in early June in Miami - she looked sizzling hot in a little glittery triangle top that highlighted her great figure from daily gym visits

Gorgeous amidst the waves: The footage, captured in Miami during the beginning of June, showcased her stunning physique, sculpted through her regular workouts, as she donned a sparkly triangle bikini top.

Beach daze in Miami: She is also seen by a tree after she takes off her heels and jacket

Enjoying the Miami Beach vibes: The girl was caught on camera standing near a tree, having ditched her heels and jacket. The video also captures her strolling along the street in the same attire. Additionally, she chatted with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 about her latest track during an interview posted on Monday.

She posed here by a towel as she looked up

As she stood by a towel, the Hustlers actress reflected on the importance of change in life. According to her, it only takes one step to move forward, regardless of the direction, when things don’t feel right and you need to make a change. She referred to this as “Cambia El Paso,” which has resonated with her lately. Dancing is also a significant part of her life, representing joy, happiness, and freedom. She reminisced about her divorce from Marc Anthony, during which she recorded the song “Dance Again,” which meant a lot to her. Although she did not mention dating Affleck again, Lopez declared that she is content with her current state of life.

A real pro: Before she writhed around on the beach, she wore a heavy denim jacket

A true professional: Prior to frolicking on the sandy shore, she donned a sturdy denim coat.

A dance move: She rolled her hips as she got up from the beach with her hand on her hips

As she rose from the sandy shore, she swayed her hips and placed one hand confidently on her waist, executing a smooth dance move.

Undies: Her Dolce & Gabbana undies popped out

The legs are lean: And the short blue denim shorts showed off her legs

She pulled off the perfect outfit: Her well-toned legs were accentuated by the blue denim shorts, which, in turn, highlighted her Dolce & Gabbana underwear.

Dancing on her knees: She did a sexy move while kneeling on the beach and running her hands over her body

Performing a sensual maneuver, she knelt on the sandy shore and caressed her physique with her hands.

She still has a wonderful backside: For 30 years she has flaunted her bottom

Her derriere remains impressive: She has proudly shown off her posterior for three decades.

Lusty on the beach: In a teaser for the video she is writhing around on the shore

The teaser of the video shows a playful scene as she enjoys herself on the sandy beach, indulging in some sensual movement.

Waterproof! The crystal top does not come off when she lays in the warm ocean water

Jennifer expressed her joy over the fact that the crystal top she wore during her ocean dip stayed in place, proving its waterproof quality. She shared that she is currently in a great place in life and amazing things are happening to her. She appreciates the love and good wishes she’s been receiving and wants everyone to know that this is the best time of her life. Jennifer also revealed that she recorded Cambia with Rauw in Miami on the spot, without even expecting to meet him. She did her vocals and he happened to be in Miami too, so they collaborated on the track.

A happy day for Jen: She said on a radio show that she is happier than ever these days

Jen had a delightful day as she recently revealed on a radio talk show that she is currently feeling happier than ever before. According to the founder of JLo Beauty, she was in the studio when a friend came by. She played some of her works and her friend loved them. Jen then decided to play her new song, “Cambia EL Paso,” which her friend enjoyed and even wanted to feature in it. Jen agreed but requested him to do it immediately. Her friend accepted and recorded his part on the spot, despite having a waiting plane. The music video was shot a few days later in Miami.

Her director: The siren said: 'I love the idea of just saying to them, here it is, let's put it out right now. I'm going to shoot a video. I know who I'm calling, who can pull it together quick. Called my boy, Jesse Terrero. Said, let's do this. He was like, yep. I could shoot in seven days, eight days, I was like, okay'

The siren expressed her love for the spontaneous approach of releasing a song and shooting a music video right away. She knew who to call to make it happen quickly, so she reached out to Jesse Terrero and he agreed to shoot the video within a week or so. They discussed their ideas, and that was all it took to make it happen.
Jennifer also shared about her experience of being single after her breakup with A-Rod. She was in the Dominican Republic filming her movie, Shotgun Wedding, and discovered a sense of contentment and joy in being with herself. She felt inspired by this newfound happiness and wanted to channel it into her work.
The siren clarified that she wasn’t heartbroken when she wrote her latest song, Cambia. While some artists may draw inspiration from painful experiences, she found that her best music came from a place of joy and fulfillment. As soon as she returned from the Dominican Republic, she was eager to get into the studio and create.

She looks half her age: Lopez did not cover up much for the fun beach shoot as she here makes the most of her bottom in Levi's cut off shorts

Lopez appeared to be much younger than her actual age in a beach photoshoot where she showed off her bottom in Levi’s cut off shorts. She didn’t cover up much for the shoot and seemed to be having fun.

A wild mane: Her hair was up then down as she showed off her highlighted locks

With a wild and unpredictable mane, she confidently flaunted her highlighted locks as she prepares to release her new track – the first since her November 2020 hit, In The Morning. According to her Instagram post, the song is full of symbolism about toxic relationships and the realization that self-change is the only change that matters. After seven years since her last album, A.K.A., she’s finally back in the game with Cambia El Paso. Her recent whereabouts are unsure, but she was spotted on Wednesday sporting curly hair while her partner, Ben Affleck, left her Bel Air home smoking. As their relationship continues to progress, they have been frequently shuttling between their West Coast homes.

The song happened fast: She recorded Cambia in Miami on the spot with Rauw. 'I did my vocals and we both happened to be in Miami and I didn't even think I was going to get to see him or meet him or anything. I did the record. They're like, he's in Miami, you're in Miami. I said, yeah. And they're like, have you done the vocals? He'll come by. And I said, yeah, he's on his way to the airport, but he'll stop by,' she explained

The creation of the song was a speedy process. The artist, alongside Rauw, recorded the track Cambia on the spot in Miami. The vocalist didn’t expect to meet with Rauw when she arrived in Miami, but when the opportunity presented itself, she took it. After finishing her vocals, it was discovered that Rauw was also in Miami. The producer suggested that he could come by and lend his talents to the track. Even though Rauw was on his way to the airport, he still managed to stop by and contribute to the song.

A look at the video: She also walked through Miami in her lusty bra top

Observing the footage, it can be seen that she strolled around the streets of Miami sporting a provocative bra top.

Behind the scenes of the shoot: Here she is seen in the same outfit while in a car in Miami; the shoot happened in early June on the beach and in Miami

Taking a peek behind the shoot, we spot her donning the same attire while cruising in a car around Miami. It all went down in the beginning of June on the sandy shores and bustling streets of Miami.

Her full look: On set with the Miami police who shared this image on their Instagram page

The Miami police shared an image of the singer, Jennifer Lopez, in her full look while on set. While she normally resides in Miami with her twins, she has been spending more time in Los Angeles to be closer to Ben Affleck. The couple’s renewed relationship appears to fulfill a wish for Jennifer who sees Ben as “the one that got away.” According to an insider, Jennifer was heartbroken when they broke up and felt she had no other choice but to call off their engagement. The couple has been meeting up tentatively in Los Angeles and has enjoyed longer vacations in Montana and Miami where Jennifer lives with her twins.

She has moved on: She said the Cambio song was about not being afraid to move on from something that no longer worked; seen with ex Alex Rodriguez

She’s embracing change: According to her, the Cambio song is all about having the courage to let go of things that are no longer serving you. This message was evident when she was spotted with her former partner, Alex Rodriguez.

Rekindled romance: The singer's new romance with Ben is a second chance, as  she saw him as 'the one that got away' after the 2004 break-up, a source told Page Six last month

According to a recent report from Page Six, the singer Jennifer Lopez has rekindled her romance with Ben, whom she previously saw as “the one that got away” after their break-up back in 2004. It seems that J.Lo may even be considering moving back to Los Angeles, as she was recently seen checking out upscale schools in the area. This would be a convenient move for Ben, who is determined to stay in L.A. long-term for the sake of his three children with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. The couple has been getting bolder with their romantic displays, as they were recently spotted making out during a dinner at Nobu Malibu to celebrate J.Lo’s sister’s birthday. Even J.Lo’s son Max was unfazed by the PDA, walking up to the couple just seconds after they locked lips.

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