“J-Law Shows Off Her Fit Physique: Crops Top and Low-Waist Trousers Combo, Piggybacks Aziz Ansari to Car After SNL Bash”

Jennifer Lawrence and Aziz Ansari’s close friendship was evident when the Hollywood star gave the comedian a piggyback ride to his car after the Saturday Night Live after-party. The duo was spotted leaving the Wayfarer Restaurant in New York, exuding great energy and enthusiasm. Jennifer Lawrence displayed her physical prowess as she carried Aziz Ansari on her back.

Close pals: Jennifer Lawrence was seen giving Aziz Ansari a piggyback ride to his car in New York on Saturday night

BFFs: Over the weekend, Jennifer Lawrence was spotted playfully carrying Aziz Ansari on her back as they made their way to his car in New York City.

Having a hoot: The pretty blonde could barely keep the smile off her face as she showed off her taut tum in a grey cropped jumper

Enjoying Herself: The attractive blond was all smiles as she flaunted her well-toned stomach in a stylish grey cropped sweater. Jennifer, who is 25 years old, opted for a high-neck crop top that accentuated her slender physique and paired it with low-waisted flared trousers. Her curly blonde hair added to the glamour of her outfit, which was completed with black heels. She highlighted her beautiful complexion with shiny lips, well-defined eyes, and a light touch of blush. Keep up-to-date with Jennifer Lawrence’s latest news, pictures, and videos.

Make way: Leaving the Wayfarer Restaurant, the two star appeared to be in fantastic spirits as they made their way along the streets with the Hollywood actress showing her strength

Clear the path: Exiting the Wayfarer Restaurant, the duo was visibly elated while strolling through the streets. The Hollywood star exhibited her vigor and vitality.

Woman on a mission: She might have been wearing heels but that didn't slow J-Law down

This lady was determined to achieve her goal. Even though she was donning a pair of high heels, it didn’t impede Jennifer Lawrence’s pace.

Coming through: The Hunger Games star happily gave her friend a helping hand 

The actress from The Hunger Games joyfully lent a helping hand to her pal.

Comedian Aziz, who is 32 years old, made sure to show off his fashion sense by sporting a slick leather jacket paired with dark denim jeans. This comes after he and Jennifer Lawrence were seen taking a hike together with fellow comedian Amy Schumer. As for Jennifer, she has been occupied with filming the romantic science fiction movie Passengers in Georgia alongside Chris Pratt, under the direction of Morten Tyldum (known for The Imitation Game). The film revolves around a spacecraft that transports thousands of people to colonize a far-off planet.

City chic: She dressed her lean and slender frame in a grey high-neck crop top and low-waisted flared trousers, flashing her toned tum in all its glory

The urban fashionista looked stylish as ever in a fitted crop top with a high neckline, paired with flared trousers that rested low on her waist. Her toned midriff was on full display for all to see.

Fashionable display: Not to be outdone in the style stakes, comedian Aziz kept his cool in dark denim jeans and a slick leather jacket

Comedian Aziz made sure to look stylish in his dark denim jeans and sleek leather jacket, proving he’s always on top of the fashion game.
However, things take a dramatic turn in the movie Passengers when a cryogenic sleeping chamber malfunctions, causing Jim Preston (played by Pratt) to wake up 90 years too early. With no one else around, he seeks companionship by waking up fellow passenger Aurora (Lawrence), leading to a romantic connection.
The movie also stars Lawrence Fishburne as Colonel Alexander, and Michael Sheen in an undisclosed role.

Style star: With her glossy blonde locks left in loose curls, the Hunger Games star looked nothing short of glamorous in her style choice

Fashion icon: Sporting her lustrous blonde hair in effortless waves, the actress from The Hunger Games exuded an air of sophistication and elegance with her chosen outfit.

Good friends: Their sighting comes soon after they were spotted taking a hike alongside Amy Schumer

Close companions: It was recently noticed that they went on a hiking trip with Amy Schumer.

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