“From Party to Pain: Jennifer Lawrence’s Unforgettable Night with Woody Harrelson”

Jennifer Lawrence

In a recent cover story for Harper’s Bazaar, Jennifer Lawrence talks about her fun-filled experiences partying with Woody Harrelson, her co-star from the Hunger Games series. Known for her down-to-earth approach, Jennifer has earned a reputation as the kind of person who would make the perfect drinking buddy. From jet-skiing with Amy Schumer to dining out with Adele and Emma Stone, it seems like Jennifer has a knack for making great company.

She began her tale by discussing her tendency to become ill after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. “I cannot handle it to the extent of blacking out; I just begin to vomit,” she mentioned, and went on to explain how this habit resulted in an injury to Harrelson: “Woody hurt his foot. He stayed in one of the guest bedrooms in my house, but that’s where I became ill. I smashed a candle because I can’t vomit like a typical individual – I flail my arms around. And because I’m a jerk, I didn’t bother cleaning it up. The next day, he cut his foot open. I was like, ‘Oh no, am I going to be sued?’ And he said, ‘Are you not going to inquire if I’m okay?’ That evening became quite wild.”

Have you ever wondered why she gets so drunk and disoriented after a night of drinking? Apparently, she mixes things up a bit too much. She calls it “mis-drinking”, mixing her time with Woody (insert wink) with her time at the bar. It’s now no surprise that Harrelson has expressed interest in selling medical marijuana in Hawaii, so it’s pretty obvious what her reference to “time with Woody” implies.

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