“Fit and Fabulous: Jennifer Aniston, 54, Unveils Her Latest Fitness Campaign and Shares Why She’s Smitten with It”

Jennifer Aniston, a well-known TV and movie actress, recently showcased her toned figure for the new global ad-campaign A Strength that Sets You Free. The campaign highlights her partnership with Pvolve, which has transformed her approach to fitness. Aniston previously experienced physical strain from intense workouts but found relief through Pvolve’s innovative and gentle method. She speaks highly of the program, expressing gratitude towards the talented trainers and female founder behind it. Through low-impact movement and resistance-based equipment, Pvolve provides not only aesthetic results but also improves mobility, stability, confidence, and energy levels.

Perfect for her: Jennifer Aniston has a shockingly toned figure. On Tuesday the 54-year-old TV and movie actress put her great body on display for the new global ad-campaign A Strength that Sets You Free that has been shared with DailyMail.com

Ideal for her: Jennifer Aniston flaunted her impressively fit physique in a global ad-campaign called A Strength that Sets You Free, which was revealed on Tuesday. The 54-year-old star of both television and cinema showcased her flawless figure, and the ad has since been released to DailyMail.com.

Partners: It reveals how her partnership with Pvolve has changed her approach to fitness. After spending years 'breaking her body,' Aniston finally found Pvolve. She said it is an innovative method that she 'instantly fell in love with'

Collaboration: The collaborative effort between Aniston and Pvolve has revolutionized her fitness routine. Despite years of pushing her body to the limit, she discovered the innovative approach offered by Pvolve and became an instant fan.

In the past year, Jennifer Aniston has integrated Pvolve’s exclusive workout equipment into her fitness routine, including the P.ball, P.band, and P.3 Trainer. As a dedicated fan, she has partnered with Pvolve to promote its revolutionary exercise method and contribute to the company’s growth. To advertise the collaboration, she sported a bra top and leggings that showcased her midsection. Pvolve Trainer Dani Coleman recommends beginners to start with the Moves & Equipment tutorial page and gradually progress to more challenging workouts via the Get Started category or live virtual classes. After suffering a back injury two years ago, Aniston credits Pvolve for aiding her body’s recovery and endurance through its on-demand classes. According to the Friends alum, it’s essential to maintain an active lifestyle and treat our bodies with kindness as we age.

Muscles! A preview of the new campaign was shared earlier this summer

Hey there! The buzz is all about muscles these days. Earlier this summer, a sneak peek of the upcoming campaign was revealed.

Work it! 'With this program, you can start gentle,' explained the star

Let’s do this! The celebrity stated that the program allows for a gradual and easy start.

Jennifer Aniston has recommended a workout program called Pvolve to her friends and expressed her desire for more people to know about it. She believes that if she had known about it earlier, it would have saved her a lot of pain. Aniston has even talked to the founder of Pvolve, Rachel Katzman, about collaborating to promote the program. She appreciates how different the program is compared to traditional workouts where people think that they have to endure pain to gain benefits. Instead, she likes that Pvolve can be started gently, without the need for long and intense sessions multiple times a day.

A big stretch: The Hollywood it girl started working with the program after hurting her back two years ago

Stretching it out: The popular Hollywood starlet began incorporating this exercise regime into her routine following a back injury she sustained two years prior.

Like a female Rocky: She claims Pvolve helps 'strengthen and restore' her body

Similar to Rocky, but in a female version: She asserts that Pvolve assists in building strength and rejuvenating her physique.

Get moving: 'As we get into our lovely older periods, we have to keep it exciting. And we have to be kinder to our bodies,' the Friends vet told People this week

Let’s keep moving: According to the Friends star, as we age gracefully, it’s important to keep things interesting and treat our bodies with kindness. This advice was shared by her with People magazine recently.

It's all about balance: Seen here working out on in a studio

Achieving balance is key: As depicted in this photo, engaging in exercise at a fitness center can help maintain equilibrium.

My partner completely transformed her physique, and it had a positive impact on several aspects of her life. The process was straightforward; she started with small steps and gradually progressed to four 20-minute sessions. Despite approaching her 50s, I’m amazed that Aniston has been able to maintain her slim size two figure while juggling numerous commitments such as her acting career and ownership of LolaVie Haircare. In an interview with First For Women magazine in April 2022, the 5ft5in actress shared some of her secrets. She begins her day with warm lemon water and engages in stair climbing for exercise. However, the highlight of her routine is setting aside time to meditate.

A stunner: Aniston has been able to maintain her incredible size 2 shape even as she settled into her 50s. Seen in the film Just Got With It...

What a surprise! Aniston has managed to keep her stunning figure, maintaining a size 2 even as she entered her 50s. She flaunted it in the movie Just Got With It…

She works at it: The Morning Show actress shared with First For Women magazine exactly how she is able to look so youthful even when she works full time; seen in 2017

The star of The Morning Show recently revealed to First For Women magazine how she maintains her youthful appearance despite working full time. In the article section titled Curbs Cravings: Breakfast With A Twist, she shared that during quarantine, she enjoyed cooking and experimenting with different recipes. Her breakfast routine consists of warm lemon water, followed by a shake or avocado and eggs. She also mentioned her love for eggs and how she likes to prepare them in different ways. She also talked about adding an egg white to her oatmeal while it is cooking, which gives it a fluffy texture and extra protein. Overall, her healthy breakfast choices play a significant role in helping her maintain a youthful appearance.

New cover: The cover girl admitted that she keeps her diet in check by starting her day off with warm lemon water and she also takes climbing classes on her stair climber. But the best part of her day is the time she sets aside to meditate, said the Friends vet

According to an interview with Radio Times, Jennifer Aniston revealed that intermittent fasting has transformed her life. She practices a form of the diet known as the 16:8 diet where she doesn’t eat solid food for 16 hours. In terms of working out, she enjoys mixing things up and has been attending fitness climbing cardio classes at Rise Nation. Jumping rope was a challenge for her, but with practice, it became second nature. Jennifer also enjoys taking some time each day to meditate in a comfortable and quiet space. She finds doing dishes to be a relaxing activity that helps keep her kitchen tidy. Furthermore, Jennifer is into organizing her mansion in Bel-Air, California.

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