“Fierce and Fabulous: Miley Cyrus Rocks the AMAs 2013 in a Purr-fectly Purr-fect Outfit”

During Sunday night’s American Music Awards, Miley Cyrus caused a stir by winning the title for wearing the most revealing outfit. Despite her incredible performance of “Wrecking Ball,” many focused on her choice of attire, which consisted mainly of underwear. In fact, she even went as far as to wear a pair of kitten-print undergarments while confidently strutting around the stage. To see her performance and outfit, check out the video below.

Hey Kitty, did you catch Miley Cyrus’ performance at the AMAs? She rocked a skimpy bikini and posed alongside a massive feline, but surprisingly didn’t break out her signature twerking moves this time.

At the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live for the 2013 American Music Awards, Miley delivered a captivating performance that exuded sex appeal. She gave it her all and left no room for doubt.

Miley went for a matching look as she sported a cute 80s-inspired bikini with playful prints of cats that perfectly complemented her shoes.

Miley Cyrus rocked a retro-inspired bikini featuring a cute cat print and matching shoes. Despite arriving in a sophisticated white trouser suit, the singer remained true to her signature provocative style during her performance. Standing on stage with a huge cat figure in the background, Miley sang a heart-wrenching tune that is believed to be inspired by her split from Liam Hemsworth.

While performing live, Miley Cyrus seemed to get sentimental as she belted out a tune in the presence of a teary-eyed, giant cat.

Miley Cyrus took to the stage with a feline friend who appeared just as melancholy as internet sensation Grumpy Cat.

At the Nokia Theatre in LA, back in 2013, Miley Cyrus put on a showstopping performance during the American Music Awards.

It is quite evident that the cat is not pleased with the situation at hand. During her performance, Miley Cyrus dons a form-fitting bikini while standing next to a big feline that seems to be feeling a bit blue.

What’s new with Miley Cyrus? She once again delivered a controversial performance on Sunday night, with her usual edgy and provocative style.

In 2013, the Nokia Theatre hosted the American Music Awards, where Miley Cyrus took to the stage for a memorable performance.

At the Nokia Theatre in 2013, Miley Cyrus wowed the audience with a remarkable performance at the American Music Awards. Her impressive vocals were matched by her dynamic stage presence, flaunting the back of her bikini outfit as she strutted around. While her wardrobe lacked creativity, Miley made up for it with daring accessories like oversized Perspex earrings and bangles that seemed to weigh her down.

Is it too daring for television? The American Music Awards showed Miley Cyrus’s performance, which mostly focused on her upper body.

There’s a noticeable absence: While Miley gave a flawless performance of “Wrecking Ball,” her outfit was conspicuously absent.

Miley Cyrus fearlessly stood up against those who criticize her for her daring performances. It’s worth noting that during one performance, the show’s producers found her outfit too revealing and only filmed her from the waist up. Despite this setback, Miley kept her cool and delivered a phenomenal performance, even though she seemed out of breath and close to tears at times. In contrast, her fellow pop stars played it safe with less provocative shows.

Oops, looks like Miley Cyrus may have left her wardrobe at home! The pop star was caught performing in her skivvies yet again at the AMAs, showing off more than she intended.

Putting it in another way: Miley’s stage attire overshadowed her remarkable singing skills during her performance.

There are some things that just never change, like Miley Cyrus never failing to please her followers with her signature tongue-out pose.

Some things just never change, and Miley Cyrus’s iconic tongue is one of them. Her fans can always count on seeing it in all its glory.

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