“Coachella Fashion: Selena Gomez Flaunts Love for The Weeknd with Bold Bra-Flashing”

Coachella attendees have reason to be thrilled as The Weeknd has been added as a surprise performer. Although, those hoping to get up close and personal with the artist may be out of luck as Selena Gomez is reportedly keeping a watchful eye on her boyfriend. While joining the crowd at the music festival in California on Friday night, she was seen holding onto him tightly.

His number one fan! Selena Gomez flashes her bra on Friday night as she clings to The Weeknd ahead of his 'surprise' Coachella slot

During Friday evening’s Coachella festivities, Selena Gomez demonstrated her unwavering support for her boyfriend, The Weeknd, by proudly revealing her bra. The couple was spotted holding onto each other tightly while making their way to the VIP area backstage at Travis Scott’s concert. To protect Selena from the enthusiastic fans who were mobbing them, The Weeknd even wrapped his arms around her. Selena looked stunning in her festival attire, which consisted of black jeans and a bra complemented by a white shirt. Their relationship is undoubtedly powerful, and nothing appears to be able to damage it.

Inseparable: Clinging onto his shoulders as the pair joined the VIP section backstage at Travis Scott's gig, it was clear nobody could come between the two 

The couple walked confidently with arms interlocked, making their way to the exclusive backstage area of Travis Scott’s concert. They exuded an undeniable aura of unity, proving that nothing could ever drive them apart. Despite rumors earlier in the day that The Weeknd would make an appearance, Selena and her beau were seen enjoying the festival alongside other famous performers like Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, French Montana, Rae Sremmurd, and Wale. Various sources have confirmed that Selena and Abel Tesfaye are an unbreakable duo, always together and never apart.

His only one: When excited fans mobbed the pair, The Weeknd threw his arms around his girlfriend to keep her safe

E! News reports that The Weeknd and his girlfriend were recently surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd, and he lovingly embraced her. According to a source, the girlfriend feels safe and secure around him, and appreciates his maturity and age difference. They share a strong bond over their music careers and navigating the public eye. She admires the way he uplifts her, making her feel confident and appreciated. Their relationship has boosted her self-esteem, and she feels like the luckiest girl in the world.

Date night: Clinging onto his shoulders as the pair joined the VIP section backstage at Travis Scott's gig, it was clear nobody could come between the two

The happy couple was spotted at Travis Scott’s concert, walking hand in hand into the premium backstage area. Selena held onto her partner’s shoulders as they made their way through the crowd. According to those who know Selena well, she is head over heels for The Weeknd, who is a mere 27 years old. The two are constantly texting and FaceTiming throughout the day, and despite The Weeknd’s music references to drug use, sources claim that he is supportive of Selena’s sobriety and quite grounded. The pair inspires each other and is deeply in love.

Instagram official: The Weeknd posted this shot of the two embracing last weekend

The Weeknd revealed their relationship on Instagram by posting a photo of the two of them embracing each other during the weekend.

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