Appreciating Birthday Love: Selena Gomez Gets Emotional on TikTok at 30

On Thursday, Selena Gomez expressed her gratitude to her fans who had wished her a happy birthday as she turned 30 last week. The actress-singer shared a TikTok video in which she thanked every person who sent her sweet messages on her special day. Sitting in a room wearing an off-white fleece jacket over a black tank top, with her wavy black locks parted, Gomez admitted that she doesn’t read a lot of comments but the few that she read were really touching. She plays Mabel Mora on the Hulu series Only Murders in the Building. Gomez concluded by letting her fans know that she appreciates their love and support.

The latest: Selena Gomez took to TikTok on Thursday with kind words for her fans who wished her a happy birthday as she turned 30 last week

Selena Gomez expressed her gratitude towards her fans who greeted her on her 30th birthday through TikTok. She thanked everyone for being a part of her life and growing up with her. Gomez also appreciated those who contributed to her charity, Rare Impact Fund, which aims to promote mental health awareness and self-acceptance. Previously, she also thanked her supporters through Twitter and urged them to donate to the Rare Impact Fund to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and improve access to resources.

The actress-singer spoke in a room wearing an off-white fleece jacket over a black tank top with her wavy black locks parted

The Grand Prairie, Texas native also thanked people who have contributed to her Rare Impact Fund , a charity aimed at mental health awareness and self-acceptance

Dressed in a black tank top, complemented by an off-white fleece jacket, the talented actress-singer graced the room with her presence. Her luscious black hair was styled in wavy locks, giving her an effortlessly chic look.

Gomez said in the clip, 'I could not be more grateful and ¿ I¿m 30!'

Gomez expressed her gratitude for reaching the age of 30 in a video clip. However, she also highlighted her personal struggles with mental health and her dedication to helping others through her work with the Rare Impact Fund. In a post on the fund’s page, Gomez shared her own experiences managing her mental health and how it has been an ongoing process. She emphasized the importance of seeking help and finding the right treatments, as well as the need for more open discussions about mental health. Looking back, Gomez wished that she had better understood her own mental health earlier in life and hopes to help others in similar situations.

The entertainer thanked fans 'for being in my life, for growing up with me' and 'for putting up with me'

The performer expressed gratitude towards their supporters for being a part of their journey, growing alongside them and tolerating their quirks and imperfections.

Gomez last week took to Twitter with a similar message thanking people for their birthday wishes

On social media platform, Twitter, Gomez expressed her gratitude towards the well-wishers who sent her birthday greetings last week.

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