“Amore in Italia: Selena Gomez and The Weeknd’s Passionate Italian Getaway Caught on Camera”

Florence is a city known for its romantic charm and Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were spotted exploring it together, hand-in-hand. The couple seemed to be completely enamored with each other as they gazed at Michelangelo’s David and admired the various Renaissance art exhibits at the Accademia Gallery Museum. Their sweet stroll around Florence was captured on video, making fans swoon over their apparent love for each other.

Tour of love! Smitten Selena Gomez and The Weeknd can't keep their hands to themselves on romantic trip to Italy on Friday

Exploring Italy with love! Selena Gomez and The Weeknd couldn’t resist each other’s touch during their romantic getaway on Friday.

Moment to treasure: They visited the Accademia Gallery Museum to gaze upon Michelangelo's world-famous David statue

Special memory: They went to the Accademia Gallery Museum to admire the globally renowned David sculpture crafted by Michelangelo.

Enjoying the view: The two hugged as they shared a tender moment during the trip

Taking in the sights, the couple embraced each other in a heartwarming moment during their getaway. Despite being surrounded by breathtaking views of the city, their attention kept shifting back to one another as they paused to share a quiet hug. Prior to this, they were spotted enjoying a shopping and dining spree at Santo Spirito Square. Selena looked stunning for their Italian date, donning a floral ruffled dress and pairing it with elegant white heels from Charlotte Olympia.

Young love: The two have only just gone public with their fledgling romance - although the seeds were sewn when they both performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2015

New romance has blossomed between the two lovebirds, who recently made their relationship public. However, their connection was established back in 2015 when they both took to the stage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

VIPs: The pair had a tour guide on hand to take them around the museum 

The celebrity duo enjoyed a private museum tour with a personal guide to accompany them.

Hands on: It was clear Selena was impressed by the art of display

As I watched Selena, it was evident that she was taken aback by the beauty of the exhibit. She seemed to have a keen appreciation for the art of presentation.

Roman Holiday: Selena gazed at the art in wonder, but it was The Weeknd who had her eye

During their Roman holiday, Selena was captivated by the art around her, but it was her boyfriend, The Weeknd, who caught her attention. Black jeans and a jacket were his casual attire for the day. Although they only recently made their relationship public, their love story began to unfold when they both performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2015. It is rumored that The Weeknd, who was previously involved with model Bella Hadid for 18 months, was smitten with Selena from the moment they met at the annual fashion show of the lingerie giant.

Romance in Italy: The two looked like young honeymooners as they went sight seeing

The couple appeared as if they were newlyweds on their honeymoon while exploring the sights in Italy.

The look of lovers: The pair first met in 2015, but only began dating this year

The appearance of romantic partners: Although they crossed paths in 2015, it wasn’t until this year that they officially started their relationship.

According to a reliable source, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2015 caused some chemistry between Selena and The Weeknd. Apparently, when they both performed at the event, Abel Tesfaye couldn’t resist Selena’s charm. Even though Selena found him attractive, she didn’t want to come between him and his then-girlfriend.

He's her man: The Weeknd previously dated Bella Hadid, but that hasn't put Selena off

Despite The Weeknd’s past relationship with Bella Hadid, Selena is still interested in him and considers him her man.

On to the next: The pair climbed into a taxi after their museum trip

Moving forward: Following their visit to the museum, the duo hailed a taxi.

Making memories: It was clear the young couple were happy and relaxed 

Creating Memories: The young couple appeared to be in a state of happiness and relaxation. Despite their attempt to keep things low-key, there have been reports that Selena is open to the idea of pursuing a relationship with The Weeknd now that he’s a single man. This is because Selena has never been close to Bella or her sister Gigi Hadid, and therefore has no reservations about starting something with The Weeknd. While she knows them through mutual acquaintances, they are not considered her friends. In fact, Selena and Gigi never got along, so there is no issue for Selena if she were to date Bella’s ex.

Fresh-faced: Former Disney star Selena has a natural beauty about her

Selena, the former Disney star, has a lovely natural beauty that sets her apart. On the other hand, despite being separated for two months, Bella, who is only 20 years old, still harbors feelings for The Weeknd. An insider has divulged that she still loves him and although they are on good terms, she feels resentful about his romance with Selena. The news of their relationship spread like wildfire and it hurt Bella to see Selena getting so close to her man. She believes that there is still a connection between them and can’t seem to shake off her feelings.

Is that you Selena? The two were spotted by fans as they took in the delights of Florence

Hey, is that Selena Gomez? Fans caught a glimpse of the celebrity duo as they explored the beautiful city of Florence.

Busy day: Earlier in the day the two were seen shopping and dining in Santo Spirito Square

Hectic Schedule: Earlier, the pair was spotted indulging in some retail therapy and relishing a meal at Santo Spirito Square.

The look of love: Selena gazed adoringly at her beau as they strolled

As they took a leisurely stroll, Selena couldn’t help but gaze lovingly at her beau. However, despite being smitten with her new love, the star still managed to find time for other things. On Thursday, she posted a throwback photo of herself from when she appeared on BBC’s Children In Need fundraiser back in 2015. Dressed in an elegant dark red gown, Selena was captured enjoying a slice of pizza backstage, courtesy of her assistant Theresa Marie Mingus. The singer showed her appreciation for her assistant in the caption, writing, “I love you @tmarie247.”

Throwback snap: Selena scoffed pizza provided by her assistant Theresa Marie Mingus in this Instagram she posted on Friday backstage at the 2015 BBC Children In Need fundraiser

In a nostalgic photo posted on Instagram last Friday, Selena can be seen enjoying pizza served by her assistant Theresa Marie Mingus backstage at the 2015 BBC Children In Need charity event.

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