“50 and Fabulous: Jennifer Lopez Stuns with Pole Dancing Skills in New Hustlers Teaser”

Mark your calendars as Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming movie, Hustlers, is set to hit theaters in the UK and US on September 13. The singer-actress gave fans a sneak peek of her impressive pole dancing skills in a teaser released on Friday, showcasing her character Ramona teaching Constance Wu’s character, Destiny, how to move on the pole. At 50, JLo looks stunning in the clip, proving that age is just a number when it comes to nailing sensual dance moves. Check out the teaser below.

Work it: Jennifer Lopez showed off her impressive pole dancing skills in a new teaser for her film Hustlers on Friday ahead of its debut

In a preview for her upcoming movie Hustlers, Jennifer Lopez wows with her impressive pole dancing skills. The video shows her wearing just black knickers, a purple sports bra, and platform heels as she performs various moves on the pole, including the carousel, Peter Pan, fairy sit, and more. She even dances to classical composer Chopin. Her co-star Constance’s character is left in awe of Jennifer’s abilities, wondering if she has the necessary muscles to perform such feats.

Incredible: In the clip, the Get Right hitmaker, 50, looks sensational as her character, Ramona, taught Destiny, played by Constance Wu, how to contort her body on the pole

Amazing: The video showcases 50, who plays the character of Ramona, teaching Constance Wu’s character, Destiny, how to perform pole dancing with grace and flexibility. The Get Right star looks stunning in the clip.

Racy: Wearing nothing but a pair of black knickers, a tiny purple sports bra and platform heels, Jennifer shows off her impressive moves whipping her ponytail in the process

In a daring display, Jennifer flaunts her impressive pole dancing skills in nothing but a small purple sports bra, black panties, and platform heels. When challenged on her abilities, she confidently asserts that every girl has the muscles needed to perform such moves. Despite any challenges, Jennifer admits that pole dancing takes skill and isn’t something just anyone can do. She even jokes about wanting to live in the towering platform heels she wore during the trailer scene, as they make her feel long and beautiful.

Tutorial: Sitting on the floor in the film's strip club, The Wedding Planner actress goes on to perform a collection of contortions on the pole to classical composer Chopin

In a scene from The Wedding Planner, the actress showcases her pole dancing skills on the floor of a strip club while performing a series of impressive contortions to the tunes of classical music composer Chopin.

Wow: Jennifer starts off with the carousel, going on to the Peter Pan, fairy sit, stag, reverse stag, scissor sit, table top and martini - to name just a few

Impressive! Jennifer began her adventure on the carousel and continued to conquer various poses such as the Peter Pan, fairy sit, stag, reverse stag, scissor sit, table top, and martini. And this is just a small sample of what she accomplished!

Protests: Constance's character Destiny is left overwhelmed by Jennifer's moves as she protests: 'I can't do that. What if you don't have muscles to do that?'

Constance’s character, Destiny, is amazed by Jennifer’s protest movements, expressing her inability to perform such moves due to lack of muscles. Jennifer’s co-star in the movie Hustlers, Cardi B, confessed her nervousness about giving Jennifer a lap dance and exclaimed that rubbing one’s vagina on the person is the most effective way to earn money.

Defiant: To which Jennifer hits back with: 'You can do that, you're going to do that. You have muscles to do this. Every girl has muscles to do this!'

Jennifer replied defiantly, stating that the task can be done and anyone, including girls, can do it with their muscles. She encouraged everyone to try and not give up.

Skill: The singer previously admitted to Fandango that her pole dancing moves were 'really difficult' and it 'takes skill'

The singer had previously disclosed to Fandango that mastering the art of pole dancing was a challenging task and required a great deal of skill. Jennifer also revealed that Cardi B’s lap dance in the upcoming film Hustlers was exceptional. The movie, which stars Keke Palmer, Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, Lizzo, and Julia Stiles, will be released on September 13. JLo plays the lead role of a stripper seeking revenge on her Wall Street clients, while Cardi makes her acting debut as Diamond, a lingerie-clad stripper sporting diamond pasties in an earlier trailer.

Saucy: It comes after the singer's Hustlers' co-star, Cardi B (pictured), told Access Hollywood's Scott Evans that she was 'really nervous' to give Jennifer a lap dance

Cheeky: As for the lap dance, Jennifer (pictured) said Cardi still performed, she teased: 'She was amazing!'

Cheeky: The news broke that Jennifer (on the right) received a lap dance from her Hustlers colleague Cardi B (seen on the left), who admitted to being quite nervous about it during an interview with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans.

Nervous: 'Oh God, I got to sit with J.Lo...this is crazy. Oh lord, I'm not ready for this, my heart pumpin' fast,' Cardi said

Cardi expressed her nervousness, exclaiming that she was going to sit with J.Lo and feeling overwhelmed by the thought. She shared her racing heart and feeling unprepared for such an opportunity.

Ringleader: Jennifer plays a thinly-veiled version of Samantha Barbash, who drugged wealthy Wall Street clients and scammed them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars with her stripper gal pals (pictured in a film still)

In the film Ringleader, Jennifer portrays a character based on Samantha Barbash, who along with her stripper friends, would drug wealthy Wall Street clients and con them out of large sums of money. Interestingly, Cardi B, the 26-year-old Grammy winner who plays this role, has had a personal experience in the stripping industry, having worked as a stripper for three and a half years to make ends meet. In fact, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last year, she revealed that she enjoyed her time as a stripper, despite the stigma attached to it. While she does not recommend it to everyone, Cardi does not regret her past and takes pride in her journey.

Turning the big 5-0! In a previous clip, Jennifer rubbed herself with cash and swung her phenomenally fit 5ft5in figure around

Reaching the age of fifty! In a previous video, Jennifer pampered herself with some money and flaunted her incredibly toned 5ft5in body.

Experienced: Cardi, who used to strip before her rap career, will make her acting debut as a Fenty lingerie-clad stripper called Diamond, who rocked diamond pasties in a previous trailer

Cardi, a former stripper turned rapper, will be making her acting debut as Diamond, a character in the upcoming movie Hustlers who’s shown in a previous trailer wearing diamond pasties and Fenty lingerie. Despite the stigma attached to stripping, Cardi credits it for helping her financially by paying her bills, allowing her to get her own apartment, and even getting her a boob job. Jennifer Lopez, who stars and produced the film, plays Ramona Vega, a veteran stripper and the leader of a group of strippers that scam wealthy Wall Street clients. The movie is based on a 2015 New York Magazine article by Jessica Pressler and is set to premiere on September 13th in UK and US theaters, with an estimated debut of $24M (£20M) according to The Hollywood Reporter. On Sunday, Jennifer and her Hustlers co-stars recorded an episode of Good Morning America to promote the movie.

'So excited to be apart of Hustlers!' 31-year-old rapper-singer-flutist, Lizzo,  slid down the pole while wearing a pink cut-out leotard and matching thigh-high stockings in a previous trailer

It is thrilling to announce my involvement in the film “Hustlers”! In a previous trailer, I can be seen gracefully descending a pole in a striking pink leotard with cut-out details, paired with matching thigh-high stockings. As a rapper, singer, and flutist at the age of 31, it’s an honor to be part of such an exciting project.

Sneak peek: There were also teasers for Julia Stiles (pictured) as non-stripper Elizabeth, Mette Towley as buzzcut stripper Justice, and Madeline Brewer as stripper Dawn

A little preview was given, showing glimpses of what we can expect from the performances of Julia Stiles as Elizabeth who is not a stripper, Mette Towley playing the role of Justice, a buzz-cut stripper and Madeline Brewer portraying stripper Dawn.

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